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Logic to generate an alphabetical sequence in C# [closed]

The sequence should go like this. A-Z,AA-AZ,BA-BZ,CA-CZ,.......,ZA-ZZ After ZZ it should start from AAA. Then AAA to ZZZ and then AAAA to ZZZZ and so on. This sequence is pretty much like that of an Excel sheet. Edit: Added my code private void SequenceGenerator() { var numAlpha = new Regex("(?<Numeric>[0-9]*)(?<Alpha>[a-zA-Z]*)");...

XSLT sort by attribute and attribute value (with exclude)

I have a following XML code: <module> <component> <output> <output-test> <exclude-output/> <orderEntry type="specific"/> <orderEntry type="other"/> <orderEntry type="module" module-name="module1"/> <orderEntry type="module" module-name="module3"/> <orderEntry type="module" module-name="module2"/> <orderEntry type="library" name="library1"/> <orderEntry type="library" name="library3"/> <orderEntry type="module" module-name="module4"/> <orderEntry...

Display a .txt file in alphabetical order in python [closed]

I have this .txt file Sam : 6 Peter : 9 Hubert: 4 Daniel : 2 Richard : 1 David : 8 Jesus : 10 What I want to do is (in my program) print out this .txt file but in alphabetical order. So my output would look like this:...

Alphabetize lines of a given range in vim

I have several lines that I want to alphabetize. For example, say I have a bunch of vim set commands in a file: set nowrap set number set expandtab set hlsearch set list How would I alphabetize these 5 lines? The output would look like this: set expandtab set hlsearch...

divided into sections alphabetic my Tableview

i have an array that contains name in string format (es.luca,marco,giuseppe,..). This array will be used to fill the table. how can I divide the table into sections (az) and put in the name of the array inside the right section?

Pattern Matching Alphabetical String- Python Regex

My regex expression in python as follows: r'(?s)(\\thinhline\n\\\\\[-16pt]\n)([^\W\d])(.*?)(\n *\\\\)' My test string: \thinhline \\[-16pt] Jacobi & $\JacobiP{\alpha}{\beta}{n}@{x}$ & $(-1,1)$ & $(1 - x)^{\alpha} (1 + x)^{\beta}$ & $\begin{cases} \ifrac{2^{\alpha+\beta+1}\[email protected]{\alpha+1}\[email protected]{\beta+1}}{\[email protected]{\alpha+\beta+2}}, &\text{$n = 0$} \end{cases}$ $\begin{cases} \ifrac{2^{\alpha+\beta+1}\[email protected]{\alpha+1}\[email protected]{\beta+1}}{\[email protected]{\alpha+\beta+2}}, & \text{$n =...

How does MediaWiki sort page links in category overviews?

The answer should be: alphabetically. Currently, I have a page starting with 'A' appearing in the 'S' section of the category overview page. Screenshot: http://i.stack.imgur.com/pKide.jpg I have a small Wiki running for my team: MediaWiki 1.22.2 PHP 5.3.29 (litespeed) MariaDB 5.5.40-MariaDB and this is the first time I have ever...

Sort my str_repeat

I have spent the past 6 hours trying to figure out how to sort my str_repeat alphabetically based on game. So far all I have been able to do is get it to show the first one in the list as if it was alphabetized. Here is my code. $result...