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How can I make a postion: absolute; dialog appear within the viewport no matter where the page is scrolled?

I would like to make a dialog div appear within the viewport every time it is shown without using position: fixed;. Essentially when the Show buttons in the below example are clicked, I want the dialog to appear where it would if its position were fixed, but I want its...

how do i send file and data using alloy ui ajax call in liferay

I have following code snippet for ALLOY UI Script : AUI().use('aui-base','aui-io-request', function(A){ A.io.request('<%=submitJobApplicationByAjax%>',{ dataType: 'json', method: 'POST', data:{ "appliedPosition": A.one("#<portlet:namespace/>appliedPosition").val(), "fullName" : A.one("#<portlet:namespace/>fullName").val(), }, on: { success: function() { } } }); }); And following form : <input class="span12" type="text" name="<portlet:namespace/>fullName" id="<portlet:namespace/>fullName"...

How can I change the zIndex attribute of aui-datepicker in Liferay Portlet 6.2

I have discoveder one problem with date field in portlet in LF 6.2. The problem is that after clicking on the input field, the datepicker is displaying, but with zIndex=0, that means it is under the portlet. If I change on firebug that parameter to 1, everything is OK. I...

YUI on IE8: Argument not valid on dom-style.js

I have asked this everywhere but still not getting any feedback and is getting me crazy. We are using some Alloy UI widgets on the portal im working with (Liferay 6.2) and everything works fine in all the browsers but IE8. For some reason im getting an error message regarding...

Creating JSON from Alloy UI DataTable

I have created a datatable from JSON using alloyUI and I am pushing a new row each time the "Add Row" button is clicked. After all this is complete I need to create a json of this final collection of data on "Submit" click. But I am unable to find...

In IE9 javascript not working, but after open console it work

I have written javascript by using Alloy UI and jquery it is working fine in firefox, chrome and IE 10,11 but IE 9 its not work. when I open console for debug it working fine. ...

How can I create a AlloyUI DiagramBuilder from the JSON returned by DiagramBuilder.toJSON()?

DiagramBuilder.toJSON() returns a JSON representation of the diagram. How can I use this JSON object to create a new DiagramBuilder with the same diagram?

Table with aui-pagination and datatable-sort

I am using AlloyUI to display a table with pagination + datatable-sort. Problem: The data is sorted ONLY on the current page. Instead I want to sort all the data each time I click on a column and I want the user to be sent back to the first page....

Add class when scroll down with AlloyUI

I need to add a class when the user scroll down. I usually do this with jQuery: $(window).scroll(function() { var scroll = $(window).scrollTop(); if (scroll >= 10) { $(".dockbar").addClass("dockbar-opacity"); } }); How can I do the same thing with AlloyUI? Really thanks....