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How to Rotate Akamai Client Credentials

I am using the LUNA API to control my GTM profile. To access the API, I had created client credentials from LUNA Control Center (Configuration > Manage APIs), which generates a set of secrets (i.e. client token, access token, client secret and unique URL). I have read in their documentation,...

xcode stream fail to play on iphone

I'm developing a iptv for ios devices. So far i can play a list of channels. Deployment target is 8.0. I have tested with iphone s5 virtual device and i can play the stream correctly. i decided to test it on a real device. The application run perfectly but the...

cache-control:max-age=0 and If-Not-Modified in http request

Our site uses akamai as its CDN. Since there is browser cache, after cache expires in browser, it will send cache-control:max-age=0 and If-Not-Modified in the http request which will get a 304 response.(I think this 304 is retured from origin web server) cache-control:max-age=0 will force CDN forward this http request...