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Outlook - Search Routine Only Works In Debug Mode

I have a routine in C# to search for contacts in Outlook by filtering the Contact folder and it works when I debug it step by step, but if I let it run alone (without debug break) then it just do nothing, the results returned by Outlook are only empty...

Deploy Outlook add-in to Office Store

I made add-in for outlook and want to release it to store.office.com. I have dev license for office 365. I made add-in for Outlook using Visual Studio and everything works. I found Microsoft Seller Dashboard, where I can add my application. But on second step it asking me to provide...

C# VSTO Outlook 2013 - Explorer Close handle Save Event

I have a RibbonBar with some Buttons that appears in the Outlook Explorer (Double Click on a mail). Some progresses in the background edit the attachments of the mail. If the user close the Explorer, outlook will ask to save the edited mail (save the changes). is there a Event...

Add Registry Key Data With Quotes

I have written a batch that adds a new registry value under a specified key. The data value is a file path and must have outer quotes like so: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\Library\Custom_AddIn.xlam" But even when using escape characters to keep the quotes, the closest I've been able to get is...

Visual Studio -> Copy WebSite -> RemoteSite1.xml -> What is TimeHigh / TimeLow?

I'm currently trying to program an add-in that mocks Visual Studio's copy website tool. This is because Microsoft's tool has some behavior I want to change. But I want it to be as close as possible to the default tool. The default tool is using cache files to identify changes...

Outlook GetItemFromID() Always Returns Null

I'm currently developing an Add-in for MS Outlook 2010 using VS 2013. I am using the NewMailEx event handler to give me the EntryID of new email arriving. Getting the EntryIDCollection is no issue (and I make sure it's a single EntryID before moving further), but I am unable to...

WebBrowser shortcuts not working in Outlook add-in. WebBrowserShortcutsEnabled is true

I have an Outlook add-in. Webbrowser control is shown inside UserControl on the pane. Problem is that standard shortcuts don't work (ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+a, tab). WebBrowserShortcutsEnabled is true. Typing in the WebBrowser inside Outlook works fine. Similar issue like mine is described in WebBrowser shortcuts not working in PowerPoint add-in......

Way to capture double click to open file?

Is there a way to have an Excel macro to check what file I double clicked on to open. When I open that file, the Add-Ins installed load first, then the file I clicked on loads. How can I write code inside one of my Add-Ins to check what the...

How to programmatically add errors for a Monodevelop Project?

I'm writing an addin for monodevelop and I want to add programmatically parsing errors outside of a compilation process. In my addin, when I parse the file I get a list of errors that are not related to a compilation process and that I would like to add in the...

WPF+MAF - addin referenced libraries are not loaded?

I'm new to Add-in framework. Now I'm trying to create WPF addin that returns UserControl (according to https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb909849(v=vs.110).aspx). The problem is that when I try to get user control from addin, Exceptions are thrown: The first exception was "Cannot find resource named ''. Resource names are case sensitive.". All the...

Outlook 2013 Add-in Tutorial for beginners

I have spent the better part of a day piecing together bits of information on how to get into the Object model of developing Add-ins, and only found marginal coverage of the fundamentals, none of which goes into any real detail about the core functionality. I am attempting to develop...

how to know which word version is installed from my add-in (Ribbon)? with c#

I build add-in for word with c#. my add-in can work on word 2010 and 2013. how to know which word version is installed from my add-in?

install manually my word add-in VSTO (Ribbon)? built with c#

Is it possible to manually install my word add-in? Visual Studio is preparing an installation file for word add-in and it worked great but i want to build more complex installation file. if i knew how to do it manually it would be very easy to build my own installer.

How to create VSPackage project from VisualStudio2015?

I have installed Visual studio 2015 SDk from the below mentioned site. https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/downloads/visual-studio-2015-downloads-vs.aspx Then tried to create VS extension project, but VSshellisolated project only available under OtherProjects->Extensibility . what can i do to create project on VSPackage project type?

VSTO Outlook add-in, does UI manipulation need to be done from main thread?

I'm maintaining a VSTO add-in for Outlook, and it has a BackgroundWorker that handles syncing with a server. I want the worker to trigger user errors in the UI (changing the picture on a button, enabling a message in a settings window). Does UI manipulation need to be done from...

Add-in framework: get AddIn location

In .NET Add-in framework, can I get AddIn dll location at host side? AddInToken contains _addin field that has dll location, but I cannot get it because it's private....

Is it possible to develop VSTO addins for Office 2007/2010 with Visual Studio 2013?

Is it possible to develop VSTO addins for Office 2007/2010 with Visual Studio 2013 ? Seeing only VSTO addins targeting Office 2013 by default in Visual Studio 2013.

Unload addin .xla when uninstall Excel interop add-in

I have an Excel interop module A (that display on the menu bar) which in turn load another Excel add-in B.xla when Excel is loaded. A is installed into Excel by an msi installer. B.xla is charged via AddIn addin = excelApp.AddIns.Add(xlaFile); if (!addin.Installed) addin.Installed = true; When I uninstall...

How to write a message on info bar, mail read window?

I'm writing an outlook addin with c# to integrate outlook to our helpdesk system. When user clicks in a button on the ribbon some information in this message (if it is a support request) are sent to our help desk system through webservices. Everything is working fine but i'd like...

Enterprise Architect Model Search XML Format

I have written a few Add-Ins for Enterprise Architect in C#. I want to add a complex model search now in a similar manner. I have no issue running my add-in search. I believe my issue is with the XML Model Search Format. The only documentation that I can find...