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Outlook 2013 Add-in Tutorial for beginners

I have spent the better part of a day piecing together bits of information on how to get into the Object model of developing Add-ins, and only found marginal coverage of the fundamentals, none of which goes into any real detail about the core functionality. I am attempting to develop...

How to write a message on info bar, mail read window?

I'm writing an outlook addin with c# to integrate outlook to our helpdesk system. When user clicks in a button on the ribbon some information in this message (if it is a support request) are sent to our help desk system through webservices. Everything is working fine but i'd like...

install manually my word add-in VSTO (Ribbon)? built with c#

Is it possible to manually install my word add-in? Visual Studio is preparing an installation file for word add-in and it worked great but i want to build more complex installation file. if i knew how to do it manually it would be very easy to build my own installer.

Unload addin .xla when uninstall Excel interop add-in

I have an Excel interop module A (that display on the menu bar) which in turn load another Excel add-in B.xla when Excel is loaded. A is installed into Excel by an msi installer. B.xla is charged via AddIn addin = excelApp.AddIns.Add(xlaFile); if (!addin.Installed) addin.Installed = true; When I uninstall...

C# VSTO Outlook 2013 - Explorer Close handle Save Event

I have a RibbonBar with some Buttons that appears in the Outlook Explorer (Double Click on a mail). Some progresses in the background edit the attachments of the mail. If the user close the Explorer, outlook will ask to save the edited mail (save the changes). is there a Event...

Add Registry Key Data With Quotes

I have written a batch that adds a new registry value under a specified key. The data value is a file path and must have outer quotes like so: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\Library\Custom_AddIn.xlam" But even when using escape characters to keep the quotes, the closest I've been able to get is...

How to programmatically add errors for a Monodevelop Project?

I'm writing an addin for monodevelop and I want to add programmatically parsing errors outside of a compilation process. In my addin, when I parse the file I get a list of errors that are not related to a compilation process and that I would like to add in the...

Is it possible to develop VSTO addins for Office 2007/2010 with Visual Studio 2013?

Is it possible to develop VSTO addins for Office 2007/2010 with Visual Studio 2013 ? Seeing only VSTO addins targeting Office 2013 by default in Visual Studio 2013.

Deploy Outlook add-in to Office Store

I made add-in for outlook and want to release it to store.office.com. I have dev license for office 365. I made add-in for Outlook using Visual Studio and everything works. I found Microsoft Seller Dashboard, where I can add my application. But on second step it asking me to provide...

VSTO Outlook add-in, does UI manipulation need to be done from main thread?

I'm maintaining a VSTO add-in for Outlook, and it has a BackgroundWorker that handles syncing with a server. I want the worker to trigger user errors in the UI (changing the picture on a button, enabling a message in a settings window). Does UI manipulation need to be done from...

WebBrowser shortcuts not working in Outlook add-in. WebBrowserShortcutsEnabled is true

I have an Outlook add-in. Webbrowser control is shown inside UserControl on the pane. Problem is that standard shortcuts don't work (ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+a, tab). WebBrowserShortcutsEnabled is true. Typing in the WebBrowser inside Outlook works fine. Similar issue like mine is described in WebBrowser shortcuts not working in PowerPoint add-in......

WPF+MAF - addin referenced libraries are not loaded?

I'm new to Add-in framework. Now I'm trying to create WPF addin that returns UserControl (according to https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb909849(v=vs.110).aspx). The problem is that when I try to get user control from addin, Exceptions are thrown: The first exception was "Cannot find resource named ''. Resource names are case sensitive.". All the...

Enterprise Architect Model Search XML Format

I have written a few Add-Ins for Enterprise Architect in C#. I want to add a complex model search now in a similar manner. I have no issue running my add-in search. I believe my issue is with the XML Model Search Format. The only documentation that I can find...

Outlook - Search Routine Only Works In Debug Mode

I have a routine in C# to search for contacts in Outlook by filtering the Contact folder and it works when I debug it step by step, but if I let it run alone (without debug break) then it just do nothing, the results returned by Outlook are only empty...

Outlook GetItemFromID() Always Returns Null

I'm currently developing an Add-in for MS Outlook 2010 using VS 2013. I am using the NewMailEx event handler to give me the EntryID of new email arriving. Getting the EntryIDCollection is no issue (and I make sure it's a single EntryID before moving further), but I am unable to...

How to create VSPackage project from VisualStudio2015?

I have installed Visual studio 2015 SDk from the below mentioned site. https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/downloads/visual-studio-2015-downloads-vs.aspx Then tried to create VS extension project, but VSshellisolated project only available under OtherProjects->Extensibility . what can i do to create project on VSPackage project type?

how to know which word version is installed from my add-in (Ribbon)? with c#

I build add-in for word with c#. my add-in can work on word 2010 and 2013. how to know which word version is installed from my add-in?

Way to capture double click to open file?

Is there a way to have an Excel macro to check what file I double clicked on to open. When I open that file, the Add-Ins installed load first, then the file I clicked on loads. How can I write code inside one of my Add-Ins to check what the...

Add-in framework: get AddIn location

In .NET Add-in framework, can I get AddIn dll location at host side? AddInToken contains _addin field that has dll location, but I cannot get it because it's private....

Visual Studio -> Copy WebSite -> RemoteSite1.xml -> What is TimeHigh / TimeLow?

I'm currently trying to program an add-in that mocks Visual Studio's copy website tool. This is because Microsoft's tool has some behavior I want to change. But I want it to be as close as possible to the default tool. The default tool is using cache files to identify changes...