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ActiveX TextBox_Change with ListBox_Click then clear TextBox causes recursive behavior

I have an ActiveX TextBox with TextBox_Click code behind it such that each character I type triggers another sub to execute which then updates a table by updating a named cell that as a formula in it which drives the table. Then I have a ListBox that has ListFillRange linked...

ActiveX dll not working on IIS 8.5

ActiveX dll not working on IIS 8.5 We have a classic ASP application that uses and ActiveX dll to generate an image on the fly. It was working find on Window 2003 with IIS6. But we're migrating it to Windows 2012 and IIS 8.5. The DLL is registered on the...

Want to set label value on TeeChart InnerTick VC++

I wanted to set label text value on TeeChart InnerTick using VC++. like we have below example (I wanted to set AAAA,BBBB,CCCC,DDDD values). // Sorry i was not able to attach image. Below mention chart we have created using CGraph. to get co-ordinates we are using SDKInfo property. i wanted...

Sometimes the ActiveX Combobox only shows one row, why?

It seems that when I first click on the combobox and then click on the arrow, all items are displayed. While if I click on the arrow without clicking on the combobox before, only one item is displayed and I can click on scroll buttons to see the other items....

Change ActiveX email font

Would anyone know how to change the font in an email generated by new ActiveXObject("Outlook.Application")? This seems to default to Times New Roman regardless of the default settings in the mail client. Thanks...

Udp Server on ActiveX Form

When I use TIdUDPServer on ActiveXForm, OnUDPRead event of the Udp Server does not trigger. If I check IdUDPServer.Active status, it's "true". But why OnUDPRead never triggered?

Check filesize before uploading to file system

Just a quick question, I have done a lot of research on this already but I have a different approach. My problem: I have a file uploader that works in all browsers using asp.net with VB. The issue is that our system only allows files to be uploaded that are...

How to add items into Listbox using ActiveX params?

I am new with ActiveX. I am trying to add some items into a Listbox using HTML params: <object classid="clsid:B8F86405-G7YB-4BDF-AD70-55B265068G44" codebase="project.ocx" width="600" height="500"> <param name="item" value="item1"> <param name="item1 id " value="1"> </object> I don't know yet how to do it inside Delphi to read those HTML values. I think I...

Sign PDF with smartcard in web context using CAPICOM & iTextSharp

Read through the following references: iText Digital signature white paper, and C# examples. (specifically chapter 4) For those interested, another great and concise summary of the PDF signing process. CAPICOM documentation. Online examples / questions here and on iText mailing list archives, such as here and here. Hashing code: BouncyCastle.X509Certificate[]...

Webbrowser Active X custom dynamic MIME handler pdf

I am using Microsoft's Web Browser ActiveX control in an MFC application. I want to be able to change the default MIME handler for PDF. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ie/ms775148(v=vs.85).aspx It appears to me that web browser control must use the registry based file type association HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/pdf I want to be able to...

CoCreateInstance of OLE control failed

I inherited a visual studio 6 project that uses Thorlab activex controls. The project used to run on windows XP a couple of years ago and I have managed to import it and build it in VS2012. The problem is, when I try to run the exe file, I get...

Error 438 when populating VBA ActiveX combobox only on some computers

I have created a Workbook with ActiveX Combo Box controls that populate through worksheet_activate() code: Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() With ActiveSheet.cmboBox1 .Clear .AddItem "Item 1" .AddItem "Item 2" .AddItem "etc..." .Text = "Select... " .Width = 222 .Height = 19 .Left = 0 .Top = 0 End With End Sub This...

OnGetLegendTextTchart event is not getting fired

I want to update the text and symbol on legend items. I am creating legend text with symbol using series and CSeriesPointerItems. I thought of using OnGetLegendTextTchart event, but it is not getting fired. OnAfterDrawTchart event is getting fired. So I am unable to understanding why is it not happening?...

C# Vlc ActiveX Play rtsp stream

I have found a problem to embed and playing rtsp stream to VLC activex control. Once i already succeeded but now i cant i dont know why, Im trying to host at WPF a vlc control but its dont work , Its says like a dll is missing , "Failed...

What circumstances other than “await” will allow synchronous code to be interrupted

I recently came across a strange bug in my async code. I was calling a blocking method on a COM control, which appeared to allow my async continuations to run while it was blocking. Consider example code (illustrative purposes only) public async void Main() { //assume some single threaded dispatcher....

“exception: access violation writing” error in Python (ctypes)

I've been learning python (2.7) for a couple of weeks to be able to automatise autocad, so, be patient I'm python noob. I'm trying to get the attributes of a newely created block to modify them, the doc says that in VBA it would be: Set blockRefObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.InsertBlock(insertionPnt, "TESTBLOCK",...

Invoke marshalled COM interface multiple times

I am writing a COM object for JavaScript consumption. JavaScript code is turn runs in an hosted WebBrowserControl. I need to fire some events from COM object to JavaScript, the excellent guide to which at Dr. Dobbs e.g. I have following in my *.idl IJSCallback { void Listen(IDispatch* pJSMethod); }...

ActiveX script to c# - Right function in C#

I want to replace below code into c#. We can replace recordset("KEY_NAME_VALUE") to ds.Tables[0].Rows[0]["KEY_NAME_VALUE"].ToString(), dataset value Right("00" & Recordset("KEY_NAME_VALUE") + 1, 3)

ActiveX textbox value looping

I'm trying to perform a loop on several activeX textboxes named q1, q2, q3 ... q11. Here's what I tried, but it didn't work: For i = 1 To 11 myValue(i) = ActiveDocument.q & i.Value Next I also tried "q" & i, (q & i), ("q" & i), etc, but...

Open .eml file in Outlook 2010 using ActiveX

I am working on a document management intranet application. Files will be on a shared network drive; users will click on a link and that file will open in its native application (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.). I have all of the Office files opening using ActiveX except for eml. When...

ActiveXObject run does not return (shell)

I am running a shell script from a JavaScript environment using ActiveXObject. Everything works just fine if I do not include any parameters in the run function: var x = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell"); x.Run("%comspec% /K dir") alert("I am here!") According to the documentation, "The Run method also accepts a Boolean value...

Triggering VBA code using Form Control Check Box instead of ActiveX

I have the code below working in a budget template for work. However, before I roll this out to all the users, I need to make it Mac friendly. Since Macs don't like ActiveX Controls, I'm trying to figure out a way to make this code work using form controls....