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How do you import a variable from the main actions panel to a class file?

I've searched long for this one, but nobody seems to give a clear answer. I'm a beginner, and I want to import a variable from the main "F9" actions panel into a class file so it can read it (example: in main .fla file, I have a variable var myNumber:Number...

specify type of delegate parameter

im trying to use TryGetValue. to Invoke a delegate inside Method i use dictionary to select one delegate and then Invoke it. the dictionary type is Dictionary<string, Action<Mesh>> _meshActions; and the action type is Action<Mesh> So here it seems i can not declare action in delegate parameter correctly. Method(null, "mesh",...

Android Creation an action from a button

I come from the iOS world and just started with Android. I followed a java training so I know how to create a method, but I don't get the action one. What I would like to do is to create a method action from a button and I can't find...

Unable to retrieve a property from oozie.action.conf.xml

I am trying to access a property that is set through oozie java action configuration but I am not getting the value I was looking for, wondering if I can get any help on this? My workflow ........... <action name="ref-record-load"> <java> <configuration> <property> <name>oozie.launcher.mapred.child.java.opts</name> <value>-Xmx4g -XX:MaxPermSize=256m</value> </property> <property> <name>load.type</name> <value>full</value>...

Method or delegate parameters do not match delegate parameters

I'm doing some asynchronous caching and I'm using a simple Action callback to let the rest of the system know when the caching is complete. The entry point (the line causing the error): this.StartCoroutine<Action>(SceneUtils.CacheSceneNames, PopulateButtons); Coroutine method: public static IEnumerator CacheSceneNames(Action completedCallback) {} Callback method: private void PopulateButtons() {} And...

Change form action url when mobile is detected?

I'm using a simple form: <form class="myform" action="desktop.php" method="post" name="none"> But now I want that he detects when user goes mobile that the form action url is different (mobile.php). Is that possible? Maybe with jquery?...

catch event when the field changes

I got a multiple fields with the same name class = "value_field". If the input is type date I want to execute one function but this type it's a plugin and don't catch the event "onchange" or "infocusout". And the JS function to catch each event is: $('body').on('focusout', '.value_field', function()...

One button with 2 actions

I did try to make 1 button that makes 2 actions: one on the 1st press (click), the other on the 2nd press (click), and repeat. However, none of my approaches worked for me, so I made 2nd button to make 2nd action, but I would really like to have...

how to get the current action id in Yii?

I need a function to get the current action Id, for example if the url is /controller/view/5 I want to get the 5 which is the action Id, how I can do that in Yii?

Java JButton.setAction(…) null's button text

The following code renders a JButton without text: public abstract class Test { public static void main(String... args) { try { UIManager.setLookAndFeel(UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName()); } catch (ClassNotFoundException | InstantiationException | IllegalAccessException | UnsupportedLookAndFeelException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } SwingUtilities.invokeLater(() -> { JFrame frame = new JFrame(); JPanel panel = new JPanel(); String text...

Shortcut in Python for repetitive actions with variables?

I was wondering if there is a way to express the following code in a shorter way using Python. There is placedWall, placedFlyer, placedSpring, and placedDiamonds. And, placedWallList, placedFlyerList, placedSpringList, and placedDiamondsList. I want to do this because I am going to add more objects with the same repetitive actions,...

Action object Form Object Command Object

Can someone explain in the context of a Web application what do these mean? I am reading up on Spring MVC reference and see these terms thrown around.

How to prevent a form action opening a new tab with the linked php script?

I have a simple input form with a submit button on my website <form action="signup.php" method="post" name="form"> <div class="input"> <input type="text" class="button" id="email" name="email" placeholder="[email protected]"> <input type="submit" name="submit" class="button" id="submit" value="submit"> </div> </form> The entered text is written to a text document with the signup.php script <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { $email...

set navigation backBarButtonItem to go to specific UIViewController in Swift

I need the navigation's back button always pops a specific UIViewController. override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() //set title image var logoImage:UIImage = UIImage(named: "barra")! var logoImageView : UIImageView = UIImageView(image: logoImage) logoImageView.frame = CGRectMake(0, 0, 320, 44) logoImageView.contentMode = .ScaleAspectFit logoImageView.contentMode = UIViewContentMode.Center logoImageView.clipsToBounds = true self.navigationItem.titleView = logoImageView //set...

Render outcome of “action” attribute?

i want to completely rewrite a <h:commandButton> renderer. Now i'm stuck at rendering the "action" attribute of the button. Is there a possibility to render this attribute the same way it gets rendered by the standard renderer ? Is there a possibility to retrieve the generated script from somewhere ?...

UIButton with target:self not being sent to self?

I'm creating a new UIViewController (call it MyViewController), and adding the view (MyView) as a subview of a TableViewCell. Within MyView , there's a button. That button is created programmatically during MyViewController's init, as such: -(id)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame { self = [super init]; if(self) { [self.view setFrame:frame]; _yesButton = [[UIButton alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(frame.size.width-150,...

How do you apply one action to multiple Sprites in SpriteKit?

If I've got a dude at the top of my screen, and a dude who comes in later at the bottom, and I want them both to move to the left of the screen using my moveToLeftOfScreen action I've created, how do I do that? If I've got var moveToLeftOfScreen...

JavaFx - Set two 'setOnAction' to the same button

I get EventHandler from another class, and I want to set this EventHandler and other ActionEvent to the same button. It is possible? The code is following. The button is: "btnAdd". public void addActionListener(EventHandler<ActionEvent> eventHandlerSetNotSave){ btnAdd.setOnAction((e)-> { FileChooser fileChooser = new FileChooser(); fileChooser.setTitle("Open Resource File"); FileChooser.ExtensionFilter extFilter = new FileChooser.ExtensionFilter("pictures...

Showing one image after other using submit action PHP

I am reading images from the directory 'images' which contains several folders with images. I want to show every image in a div and with the checkbox to decide if it is fashion or not fashion. I am using the following code in order to read files from directory and...

Does order of BizAgi form actions have any effect on how they are executed ? If so, is there any way to rearrange them?

I have a bizagi form and actions associated with it under actions and validations. Does the order in which these actions are specified affect the order in which they are executed ? For eg. I have radiobutton rdBtnType, if I have 'rdBtnType changes' and 'rdBtnType changes to ABC' actions specified,...

Is there any reason to use a function with a void return over an Action in C#?

Save for tradition, is there a reason why I would want to use void foo(int k) { // stuff } over Action<int> foo = new Action ((k) => { // stuff }); More generally, are there any practical advantages to defining my functions normally instead of defining them as delegates?...

Custom action to launch Msiexec during setup

I need a last (lol) little help... i finished my software and TATA i'm not able to find a correct way to create it's setup. I googled, yes, i googled and searched here but i found only old post referring old visual studio versions.... Please be patient with me... As...

Photoshop Script to change Font and Font Size

Looking for a script that changes all text within a PSD to be a certain font size and font kind, in this particular case, 'AbrilFatface-Regular'@ 101px. I then want to use this script to batch change hundreds of files using the same font and size (so no need for a...

Implicit Intent with user-specified action

I'm experimenting, specifying my own action for use in an implicit intent. In a single package, I define two activities. ActivityTwo is to be called from onClick() in ActivityOne, using an implicit intent with an action "course.labs.activitylab.MY_ACTION". But I haven't been able to make it work. In strings.xml: <string name="myfunnystring">course.labs.activitylab.MY_ACTION</string>...

C actions and variables

Why when I use: char paraula[15]; int longparaula=0; copia_paraula(paraula, longparaula); It says that longparaula=0? paraula it's ok, and containd the values of the chars that I input, but longparaula always it's 0. If i don't initializate longparaula, it always equals an aleatory value. It will equals at the longitude of...

Java actionPerformed questions

Hello everyone I am new to java programming and I begin to fell in love with making simple JPanel or JFrame games. But recently I'm starting to challenge myself on writing a more complicated game called "Doodle jump". As most of you may already heard of this game you are...

Output and Command Link in one in JSF

Is there a possibility to use both outcome and action in the same command link? I tried <h:commandLink outcome="page?faces-redirect=true" value="Got to Page" action="#{Bean.setValue("...")}" /> but it ignores the outcome. I have a table with data like this: ID Name Other Things Link to Next Page So I want to give...

Access body as JSON in ActionBuilder

I'm using Playframework 2.3.X. I'm trying to construct an action function that validates fields in a JSON request.body. The use case is to build "blocks" of validation that I can then chain together. However, I can't seem to access the request.body as a JSON inside the action builder. The following...

Segue not working on tableView

Okay, I got this strange situation. I have multiple tableViews in my project, but only on one tableView I can click on an item and perform an action (go to next segue). On the other tableViews I can click what I want but nothing happens. I removed the one that...

Can not invoke bean action method in onclick attribute of h:outputLink

<h:outputLink value="/4JVA-157292-war/supinfo/auth/mycar.xhtml">Car</h:outputLink> <h:outputLink value="Log Out" onclick="${loginController.logout()}" /> As you see, If i click the Car link. I will excute the ${loginController.logout()}, but if i delete the Log out. I will go into the car page....

Unable to control what the user can see in php?

I want to control what the user can see in my system. A guy told me that I should check if the user id matches with the lecturer id. The lecturer should see only their own data not any other's lecturer. I tried but now it doesn't work. I also...

What the difference between using .NET tasks with method and action?

Method: static void HelloWorld() { Console.WriteLine(“Hello, world!”); } What the difference between Task t1 = new Task(HelloWorld); and Task t2 = new Task(new Action(HelloWorld)); ...

How can i change action of the button “return” on the keyboard on Xcode?

i need to change the text of the button "return" on my keyboard,and i even need to change its action. The action should be a new paragraph. Can you help me?

Add functionality to a submit button php

I have several divs which containing images. I want to add below or beside those divs a submit checkbox with two values and perform an action when the user press the submit button. My php code is the following: echo '<div>'; echo '<img src="'. ($image) .'" alt=""/>'; echo '</div>'; echo'<LABEL...

ActionBar does not work, Android

I have a problem with ActionBar. I set minsdk in AndroidManifest to 14. Next I create Activity (BlankActivity), thats create MyACtivity class which extend ActionBarActivity and import android.support.v7.app.ActionBarActivity. I think that this library need only if you use sdk level 7 or lower. This import correctly? Or i need use...

Preprocess/postprocess a bean action method from p:remoteCommand inside composite

I have the following scenario: JSF composite component with complex JavaScript, which I'd like to refresh partially by JavaScript with a new values from a backing bean (backing bean of a page which uses this composite component, not backing component @FacesComponent). I don't want to make full update because it's...

Call method from another class in a UIButton

I have a custom UITableViewCell with a class linked to it called customCell.m. (I didn't use xib.) In the cell there is a button. Is there a way to create the buttons action on the mainVC.m file, as apposed to customCell.m? Update Here is the code I tried implementing. What...

Adding diffrent hyperlinks to each row in Reporting Services

So I need to add different hyperlinks on each generated row. What I mean, I have SQL query to select some data like this: Name Description First First should be clickable and open www.url1.com Second Second - open www.url2.com Third Third- open www.url3.com .... SQL query: -- this is example...

SocialEngine 4 - get Action name

Looking for someone to let me know how grab the action name from a Module Core Controller and instead of executing an action use the action name as a variable for determine which content to output. Basically, I am switching over to SocialEngine instead of my wordpress install and in...

action without button on swift

I’m new at this and I’m wondering if it’s possible in swift or objective-C to make an action without the interaction of a button or any type of user interaction? So far i can send an array to a second ViewController but I need to process the data and show...

prevent “complete action using” in my app?

I had created a web browser on android platform , but with every click on any link complete action using is appears to transfer the user to another app .how to prevent it

Error generating a controller with a “cookies” action

I'm new programming in Rails and I got an error I don't understand. When I create a controller with the action cookies like: rails g controller Pages home about cookies I get a NoMethodError in PagesController when loading any page: undefined method `delete' for nil:NilClass Extracted source (around line #9):...

events and action methods

I've got some kind of a timer. When the time goes out i want to invoke an event. But i don't know how to add a method to the event when i'm making an instance. This is the code : public delegate void DaysPassed(Action action); public class TimeAwait { public...

Generic URL using template on action jsf

I created a template with commandLink: <div class="pull-right" style="padding: 5px"> <h:commandLink action="#{urlVoltar}" styleClass="btn btn-sm btn-danger"><span class="fa fa-reply"></span></h:commandLink> </div> And use it in main page: <ui:include src="/sistema/commonBotoesExportar.xhtml"> <ui:param name="urlVoltar" value="\indexNovo.xhtml" /> </ui:include> So when I click on button, I got this exception: javax.faces.el.EvaluationException: javax.el.ELException:...

Use property variables for the next action which is call by form

I have one jsp web page which is the result of an iterator struts. In other words I have a list which is the result of an easy hibernate query select from TABLE. Iterator struts2: <s:iterator value="usersList"> <s:property value="userName"/> </s:iterator> At the same time my jsp page has one form...

Unload addin .xla when uninstall Excel interop add-in

I have an Excel interop module A (that display on the menu bar) which in turn load another Excel add-in B.xla when Excel is loaded. A is installed into Excel by an msi installer. B.xla is charged via AddIn addin = excelApp.AddIns.Add(xlaFile); if (!addin.Installed) addin.Installed = true; When I uninstall...

error calling metod and/or action controller

i have this problem: I should decrement an attribute "quantity" of a line_item. So i created a button_to to do this. The problem is that even if i created the new action "less" in the controller of line_item and added it in the routes , my function doesn't work. Can...

Cocos2d-x. How to add action on the sprite after the previous one was finished

I add action on the sprite. auto moveBy = MoveBy::create(2, Vec2(moveX, moveY)); _Spr1->runAction(moveBy); I want to add another action on touch, but I want that the second one started after the first one is finished. And if I tap two times before first action stops, I want to create sequence...

How to detect when a specific window is closed in java

I'm pretty new to Java and I've tried looking this up but couldn't really find any thing that helped. I'm wondering how I could detect when a specific window is closed? I've been using windowClosing() but this applies to any window that is closed, and so the event that I...

role of classic ASP theForm.NextAction.value and classic ASP projects (or lack thereof)

I have inherited a classic ASP set of files that is "Spaghetti" code [that's off my diet, but I digress]. There doesn't seem to be a project file that I can find. Is that normal for classic ASP? Also, what exactly does the following line do: theForm.NextAction.value = "myAction1"; myAction1...

Are Func and Action Delegates in C# used by companies?

I really wonder if the Func and Action delegates are used by developing companies. And do they use it for events? I know it's a strange question but I already asked it to my teacher and many other people but nobody could give me an answer.

struts.convention.result.path is not working in Struts2

My current project structure is as follows WebContent WEB-INF View TestPage.jsp other JSP pages... My assignment is to put all JSP pages inside folder WEB-INF and do all relative changes in the project. WebContent WEB-INF View TestPage.jsp other JSP pages... So I have to update all result tag in struts.xml...

Creating action for Idea plugin

It's my first experience with creating Idea plugin, so I decided to read some manuals. They say it's required to create an action class. But "OK" button is disabled. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your answers.

Action not working correctly in SpriteKit

I'm new to iOS programing and I'm experimenting to learn trying to create a game in swift using Sprite Kit. What I'm trying to achieve is having a constant flow of blocks being created and moving rightwards on the screen. I start by creating a set which contains all the...

IBAction from Xib file to seperate View Controller

I am creating quiz application and when you scroll right or left it changes the question - I have a xib file for my custom scroll view that is linked to a UIView ViewController. However I have another ViewController which creates the scrollView. How do I get an action from...

Testing custom admin actions in django

I'm new to django and I'm having trouble testing custom actions(e.g actions=['mark_as_read']) that are in the drop down on the app_model_changelist, it's the same dropdown with the standard "delete selected". The custom actions work in the admin view, but I just dont know how to call it in my mock...

Comparing dates using Dynamic Action on DatePicker Oracle Apex

I have a date picker where the user simply chooses a date then a Dynamic Action is suppose to send an alert if the user clicks tomorrow(sysdate+1). The Datepicker term is the simple layout. The Dynamic Action--> Name: Valid Date Event: Change Selection type: Item(s) Item(s): datepicker_name Condition: equal to...

How to action a form with JavaScript [closed]

I'm new in this domain so please excuse me if I don't speak technically correct. I have a form with a red border. When I enter a character in the form, the red border has to disappear. How can I do this in JavaScript? Thank you very much! ...

Oracle Apex dynamically enable/disable text field depending on LOV selected value

I am trying to enable/disable text field depending on LOV selected value but it works just on page load, and I want to do it dynamically on client side when the LOV selected value change. I tried with a dynamic action but it only fire on page load. Any help?...

Rails - delete route goes to destroy action

I have a Passenger and Driver model with their corresponding controllers (I can't setup a sessions controller to encapsulate both of their logins and logout). I am trying to delete the session when logging out but the link for logging out goes to the destroy action because it has a...

NSTokenField not firing action

I have an NSTokenField to add tags to an object (a document). I would like to update the object with new tags the moment a token is added to the token field (when a tokenising character is typed). Unfortunately this does not seem to work. The NSTokenField is connected to...