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NSData from NSURLConnection does not match when downloading file directly

I am trying to find FFF9 hex representation in and NSData object that I get with NSURLConnection when I type the url address to my web browser and download the file to my mac then I open it a text editor I get following values which seems true Few lines...

ALSA buffer xrun induced by low quality source in ffmpeg capture

I am attempting to transfer some old Video 8 tapes to my computer, though an EasyCap USB stick and the motherboard's sound line-in, on Ubuntu. I believe the arguments are correctly laid out below to capture from two independent streams, and encode them both into the output MP4 file. Edit:...

ffmpeg/batch file: input format stays in output file name

I created this batch file to put all aac files in one directory into an m4a container. The command works so far, but every new file generated has the format of the input file in the output files name. For example: test(.aac) is in an m4a container but is NAMED...