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Change Wix Product version number using NANT XmlPoke


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I ran into this issue recently - when I try to replace the Wix Product version number using NANT XMLPOKE task, it returns the following error message "No matching nodes found".

<xmlpoke file="..\Setup\abc.wxs" xpath="//Wix/Product[@Version]" value="${version.label}" >

Initially I thought that this was an issue with XPATH statement that I wrote. So I kept trying with different XPATH (like \Wix) and I kept getting the same message back.

Understood from a blog that this is happening due to the namespace definition with the WiX element. Please find below the solution, in case someone doesn't find the blog.


The issue happens because of the namespace definition within the Wix element. You have to add the below changes to get the XMLPOKE working:

<xmlpoke file="..\Setup\abc.wxs" xpath="//wx:Wix/wx:Product/@Version" value="${version.label}" >
        <namespace prefix="wx" uri="" />

Reference: Soledad Pano's blog


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I ran into this issue recently - when I try to replace the Wix Product version number using NANT XMLPOKE task, it returns the following error message "No matching nodes found". <xmlpoke file="..\Setup\abc.wxs" xpath="//Wix/Product[@Version]" value="${version.label}" > Initially I thought that this was an issue with XPATH statement that I wrote....

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