spring-mvc,content-management-system,liferay-6,drools-guvnor , how to integrate CMS component of Liferay in a Spring java application?

how to integrate CMS component of Liferay in a Spring java application?


Tag: spring-mvc,content-management-system,liferay-6,drools-guvnor

I have very dynamic content for each section of the web portal.The rules for that content are stored in the rule engine drools along with the content,Now I want to separate the content part from drools so as to make content editable via UI. Liferay has been opted as CMS.

I need to use only CMS component of Liferay along with the rules to be managed by drools in a spring-MVC java application having Angularjs framework.


I think you can develop a Liferay portlet wich manages the Liferay content and a java project with the drools part. If you need to use drools on the cms part, you can import that on your portlet as a jar.



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