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Update Text Field While Automating iPhone App


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I am automating an iPhone App. The scenario is Login Logout and re-Login. But while re-login the username and password field is displaying the details. I am trying to list that xpath as a WebElement and clear() that field if(Webelement.gettext() !="") But it is not happening as in the existing framework is taking xpath as String and typecast the String to WebElement is not Possible. Is there any other way to achieve that?? Kindly Help me.


Call this method before passing the value to the Locator.

Actions actionObj = new Actions(driver);

findElement By xpath add a condition like getText()!="" and then It will be done. Is it working??


Java Selenium - Can't seem to select an element

I'm trying to select an e-mail href to grab the text, but no matter what selections I use to try to select the e-mail, my selection doesn't seem to work and I am curious what other ways might exist to fix the problem. I have used absolute and relative xpath,...

XML-XSLT-XPATH : How to convert multiple XML elements to a string, separated by semicolon

I have just demonstrated my question as an input and output format as below. I have an input as xml document which consist of following data <Users> <user> <name>Mark Curtain</name> <email>[email protected]</email> <username>mark</username> </user> <user> <name>Zuke Gossip</name> <email>[email protected]</email> <username>zuke</username> </user> <user> <name>Villan Kiosk</name> <email>[email protected]</email>...

How can i use MapKit View in Xcode 6.3?

I am unable to use MapKit in Xcode 6.3. It is showing an error when I am create property for that. The Error is- Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidUnarchiveOperationException', reason: 'Could not instantiate class named MKMapView'

How to remove nodes above and below somewhere in the document

Assuming I have an instance of HtmlNode pointing to table, how can I remove all nodes above and below it? we can assume table is in the same level of html and body tag <html> <body> <p>please remove me</p> <table> .... </table> <p>please remove me</p> <a> ... </a> . <img>...</img>...

UIWebView path depends on previous pressed button Xcode

I have a ViewController (A), containing n buttons. all buttons map to other ViewController(B) containing a WebView to show a different PDF. Instead of creating n ViewController, I would know how to change path according to which button was pressed. my wrong tries: 1- use tags of buttons in ClassB...

Seach by class in Nokogiri nodeset

I got the name of a CSS class from a Nokogiri node. Now I want to find all the nodes that also have the same class attached. I don't know which HTML tag the element that I'm looking for has, and how deep it is. All i know is what...

Orientation of screen?

How do I make sure that the only orientations allowed are Portrait or Upside down portrait? I made the change in the project settings, but I'm having trouble making the change in my GameViewController. I need to make the change in this function: override func supportedInterfaceOrientations() -> UIInterfaceOrientationMask { if...

XSL transformation outputting multiple times and other confusion

I'm attempting to transform a section of an XML document (which is mostly HTML) with a templated piece of markup should a particular pattern be matched. I'm inexperienced with XSLT (I've only used xpath, really) and online documentation is sparse so I'm struggling with it... To the following XML document:...

iOS Swift: Sound not playing on iPhone Simulator

In my iOS Swift application, and i am trying to play sound on click of a button. func playSound() { var audioPlayer = AVAudioPlayer() let soundURL = NSBundle.mainBundle().URLForResource("doorbell", withExtension: "mp3") audioPlayer = AVAudioPlayer(contentsOfURL: soundURL, error: nil) audioPlayer.play() } I am running the application in iOS iPhone Simulator. I have doorbell.mp3...

how to make xml values comma seperated using XPath, XQuery in Sql Server

I have an xml column with sample values as <error> <errorno>BL04002055</errorno> <description>Smart Rule PROJECT_COUNTRYCODE_VAL Violated</description> <description2>Country Code is required</description2> <correction /> </error> <error> <errorno>BL01001973</errorno> <description /> <description2>Error While Saving the Project info</description2> <correction /> </error> <error> <errorno>Unable to Create Custom...

create a popup window with just a textview/string and a button SWIFT ios 8

I am very new to ios 8 and swift but I have not found a way to make a simple popup window whenever a button is pushed. I payed for tutorials and they still don't cover it. All i would like is for when the user pushes a button (the...

xpath query seem to be failing

Can someone tell me the reason for the failure of this xpath query: //Pages/*[(name() = 'Home') or following-sibling::Home] on this xml structure: <Pages> <copyright>me inc. 2015,</copyright> <author>Me</author> <lastUpdate>2/1/1999</lastUpdate> <Home>--------------------</Home> <About>--------------------</About> <Contact>------------------</Contact> </Pages> only returned copyright element, which is against my targets (To grab all element between Pages and...

iPhone - get amplitude of audio at current point

First off: I don't know much about audio processing. I know with Core Audio, you can get the info about a playing track. My goal is to have a node in SpriteKit with the current amplitude/loudness of the current song from iTunes being its scale (say, scale should be at...

Convert contents of an XmlNodeList to a new XmlDocument without looping

I have Xml that I filter using XPath (a query similar to this): XmlNodeList allItems = xDoc.SelectNodes("//Person[not(PersonID = following::Person/PersonID)]"); This filters all duplicates from my original Persons Xml. I want to create a new XmlDocument instance from the XmlNodeList generated above. At the minute, the only way I can see...

Can't get value from xpath python

I want to get values from page: http://www.tabele-kalorii.pl/kalorie,Actimel-cytryna-miod-Danone.html I can get all values from first section, but I can't get values from table "Wartości odżywcze" I use this xpath: ''.join(tree2.xpath("//html/body/div[1]/div[3]/article/div[2]/div/div[4]/div[3]/div/div[1]/div[3]/table[1]/tr[3]/td[2]/span/text()")) But I'm not getting anything. With xpath like this: ''.join(tree2.xpath("//html/body/div[1]/div[3]/article/div[2]/div/div[4]/div[3]/div/div[1]/div[3]/table[1]/tr[3]/td[2]//text()")) I'm...

Can I create a macro or shortuct for a step of XPath in XQuery?

Do we have Macros in XQuery? If yes, could you please give an example of their usage. I have the following code let $x := //price/ancestor::* Can I someway, using macros or other things write it as follows: let $x := //price/outward So, the outward should mean ancestor::*...

change Auto Layout dynamically

I have to show 3 Labels like LABEL1 | LABEL2 | Label3 //Horizontally I want these 3labels width are equally divided according to Screen size width How can I achieve this with nib file directly? Thanks Question 2 Label1 | Label2 | Lable3 //All Labels widths are equally //All Labels...

XPath for child element

What is the Xpath to select the first element of this jquery selector: $('.A .B:eq(1)') ? HTML Sample <div class="x A z"> <div class="y"> <div class="r B z"></div> <---- that is that I need to select <div class="r B z"></div > ... So far I've tried this: (//div[(@class='A') and div[contains(concat('...

coordinate deprecated as of iOS 7

I am trying to grab the latitude and longitude of a users location. I have a code which worked prior to deprecation, and I cannot figure out how to fix it. The error is on the coordinate section of latestLocation.coordinate.latitude and latestLocation.coordinate.longitude, and the error states: 'coordinate' is unavailable: APIs...

What is the xpath for retrieving all attribute nodes (whatever be the attributes name) with a specified value?

Following is a sample xml. <library> <book id="aaa"> <title id="bbb">Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince</title> <author id="ccc" ref="zzz"/> </book> <book id="ddd"> <title id="eee">Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone</title> <author id="fff" ref="zzz"/> </book> <author-details id="zzz"> <firstName id="ggg">Joanne</firstName> <lastName id="hhh"/>Rowling</lastName> </author-details> </library> There are many more books in this...

Coco2dx - Changing To Background Image

I need someone's help. Actually I have no idea what to replace to get a custom background image. I'm just can't do it anymore. -(id) init { // always call "super" init // Apple recommends to re-assign "self" with the "super's" return value if( (self=[super initWithColor:ccc4(219,31,94, 999)]) ) { ws=[[CCDirector...

How to transfer files from iPhone to EC2 instance or EBS?

I am trying to create an iOS app, which will transfer the files from an iPhone to a server, process them there, and return the result to the app instantly. I have noticed that AWS offers an SDK to transfer files from iOS app to S3, but not to EC2...

Is it possible to obtain an unique iCloud user ID on cocoa?

My iOS app is currently on beta in TestFlight, and as a way to retribute to the nice people who helped me test it I would like to offer them some goodies such as, for instance, the full final version of the app for free. For this, I was thinking...

Underline in attributed text not working in iPhone 6+

I want to create a method that returns me attributed text. here is the code that i am using - (NSAttributedString *)getUnderlineAttributedStringForText:(NSString *)strWholeString andTextToHaveLink:(NSString *)strLink TextColor:(UIColor *)textColor LinkColor:(UIColor *)linkColor withFont:(UIFont*)font { NSRange stringRange = NSMakeRange(0, strWholeString.length); NSRange linkRange = [strWholeString rangeOfString:strLink]; NSLog(@"String Link :: %@",[strWholeString substringWithRange:linkRange]); NSMutableAttributedString *attributedString =...

Auto Rotation iOS 8 Navigation Controller

I have certain viewControllers which are managed by a UINavigationController (push and pop). I want to restrict different viewControllers to different orientations like the first one should be only in Portrait, second in portrait, third in landscape and fourth can be portrait and landscape both. I set a ViewController on...

How to set up XPath query for HTML parsing?

Here is some HTML code from http://chem.sis.nlm.nih.gov/chemidplus/rn/75-07-0 in Google Chrome that I want to parse the website for some project. <div id="names"> <h2>Names and Synonyms</h2> <div class="ds"><button class="toggle1Col"title="Toggle display between 1 column of wider results and multiple columns.">&#8596;</button> <h3 id="yui_3_18_1_3_1434394159641_407">Name of Substance</h3> <ul> <li id="ds2"> `` <div>Acetaldehyde</div> </li> </ul>...

Error when building an XDocument

Using the following example xml containing one duplicate: <Persons> <Person> <PersonID>7506</PersonID> <Forename>K</Forename> <Surname>Seddon</Surname> <ChosenName /> <MiddleName /> <LegalSurname /> <Gender>Male</Gender> </Person> <Person> <PersonID>6914</PersonID> <Forename>Clark</Forename> <Surname>Kent</Surname> <ChosenName>Clark</ChosenName> <MiddleName />...

group siblings by identifying the first node of a certain type in sequence

Not sure if that description is the best...but given this xml: <?xml version="1.0"?> <root> <type1 num="1" first="1"/> <type1 num="2" /> <type2 num="3" /> <type2 num="4" /> <type1 num="5" first="2"/> <type1 num="6" /> <type2 num="7" /> <type2 num="8" /> <type1 num="9" first="3"/> <type1 num="10" /> <type2 num="11" /> <type2 num="12" />...

Unable to select text boxes in selenium webdriver through XPath?

My HTML <table border="2" style="background:gray"> <tbody> <td class="std"> <input id="ActQ1Revenue" type="text" name="amount" disabled="disabled" maxlength="20" style="background:wheat"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="atd"> <input id="ActAprRevenue" type="text" name="amount" maxlength="20"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="atd"> <input id="ActMayRevenue" type="text" name="amount" maxlength="20"> </td> </tbody> </table> My XPath...

Facebook logout iOS SDK

In the latest SDK of Facebook for iOS 8, the login button itself changes to logout once the user logs in successfully. I have a separate logout button in my applications. When the user is successfully logged in using my own server credentials, google+ or facebook, the app takes the...

How can I show ONLY the date (and not the time) using NSDateFormatter?

I think the question is pretty straightforward. I need only the date to appear, and not the time. Couldn't find anything for Swift, so my code is here: cell.date.text = NSDateFormatter.localizedStringFromDate(dates[indexPath.row], dateStyle: .ShortStyle, timeStyle: .ShortStyle) ...

Count unique values in comma separated value in xslt 1.0

I have an node in an XML file: <TEST_STRING>12,13,12,14</TEST_STRING> I need to count how many unique numbers/values this string has. For example, in this case there are 2 unique values i.e. 13 and 14. Honestly speaking i could not build anything yet. It seems it is difficult in XSLT 1.0...

how i can solve Image auto resize in iphone 4 5 6 6+

I give three types of image like image.png [email protected] [email protected] but not working image autoresize in all device....

Java XPath returns single result instead of NodeSet

I am trying to create an XPath expression in Java (8, default XPath implementation). I am doing the following: Object res = xpath.evaluate("(//*[local-name()='PartyId'])", requestDom, XPathConstants.NODESET); I have multiple PartyId nodes in the document at the same level, because it's parent is repeating. I got my result, but only a single...

selenium webdriver - xpath locator not working if element's text contains Unicode Characters

I'm trying to select an option contained inside a menu. It's not a select menu, but it's styled to appear as such. Anyway, if the text contained inside the menu is in English, I can select it ok. Trouble is, the text I need to select is french so it...

Unable to construct Document object from xml string

I have xml string coming to my appliaction like follows <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><loc:getLocation xmlns:loc="http://www.csapi.org/schema/parlayx/terminal_location/v2_3/local"> <loc:address>tel:+919420161525</loc:address> <loc:requestedAccuracy>500</loc:requestedAccuracy> <loc:acceptableAccuracy>500</loc:acceptableAccuracy> </loc:getLocation> I want to construct Document object from this so that using XPath, I can retrieve required data. I tried following code...

Delete child SKSpriteNode

Basically I am trying to make it so that when the user hits a fuel tank the old tank disappears and a new one is spawned in a random location. Right now it's detecting the collision but I can't get rid of the child. It will just add a new...

How to get xml Nodes which are in lower case using XSLT 1.0

I need to get XML nodes which are in lower case and values of it using XSLT 1.0 and display the output as XML <main> <ACAT>Cat Name A </ACAT> <bcat>Cat Name b </bcat> <ccat>Cat Name c </ccat> <dcat>Cat Name d </dcat> <ECAT>Cat Name E </ECAT> <fcat>Cat Name f </fcat> </main>...

How can I get my iPhone to listen for sound frequencies above a certain threshold?

I'm interested in getting my iOS app to turn on the microphone and only listen for frequencies above 17000 hz. If it hears something in that range, I'd like the app to call a method. I was able to find a repository that detects frequency: https://github.com/krafter/DetectingAudioFrequency And here is a...

Fatal error when unwrapping CLLocation Location Coordinate

I currently have a test application to teach myself Core Location. It is an app with a button which will either show your location when you press a button, or an alert when location services are off. I get a fatal error (unexpectedly found nil when unwrapping option value) When...

UIButton with single press and long press events swift

I want to trigger two action on button click and button long click. I have add a UIbutton in my interface builder. How can i trigger two action using IBAction can somebody tell me how to archive this ? this is the code i have used for a button click...

How to remove the line breaks in front of a tag in Xpath

So here is my HTML code: </div><div id="structureDescs" class="buttonWrap"><h2>Structure Descriptors</h2> <div><h3>InChI</h3> 1S/C2H4O/c1-2-3/h2H,1H3<br> <button type="button" id="downloadInchi">Download</button> </div> <div><h3>InChIKey</h3> IKHGUXGNUITLKF-UHFFFAOYSA-N<br> <button type="button" id="googleInchi">Search the web for this InChIKey</button> </div> <div...

webdriver C# - click this element with XPath position?

I have an element whit this XPath Position: //td[4]/a I try this but does not work: driver.FindElement(By.XPath(".//*[@position='//td[4]/a']")).Click(); Using C# Webdriver and not java, please....

How to Screenshare of my iPad on Mac

I have a big demo of my iPad application to my client,i tried AirServer, Bomgar but those are not working to share my iPad Screen on the Mac. Can any one help me which tool i should use for screenshare of my iPad to Mac. If i can share my...

Height did not update when switch from portrait to Landscape?

I create a UIScrollView, added other data in it, added subview to self.view. The problem is that when i switch my phone from portrait to landscape or vice versa it do not update the height so my scrollview do not work as i need to. here is the code: UIScrollView...

AFNetworking file upload

I'm trying to upload file with AFNetworking and it is working with iOS Simulator but not working Real devices, i tried 2 different way but same. Can some one help me to solve this issue please Thank you very much. this is first code NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains( NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask,...

Adding a child attribute to the parent element in xslt 1.0

I have multiple elements that contain an uniqueId(generated and stored in a variable). I have recursively added the element(object class=Bundle with unique id ) with the xsl as follows <xsl:template match="visualChildren"> <object class="Set" > <installChildren> <xsl:call-template name="Bundle"> <xsl:with-param name="i" select="1"/> <xsl:with-param name="limit" select="4" /> </xsl:call-template> </installChildren> </object> </xsl:template> <xsl:template name="Bundle">...

I am doing demo for video streaming as same as source code from git hub but I am getting errors?

[1]: https://github.com/slavavdovichenko/MediaLibDemos3x From this link I downloaded source code and I am running it in X-Code 6.3.2 but I am getting two errors can any one check it please give me a solution. Error 1- Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_OBJC_CLASS_$_BroadcastStreamClient", referenced from: objc-class-ref in ViewController.o Error 2- ld: symbol(s)...

How to prevent duplicate entry on parse?

I' trying to save song info to parse, but if the song already exist in parse I want my code just do nothing. I've tried this code below: var Music = PFObject(className:"Musics") var query = PFQuery(className:"Musics") query.findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock { (objects: [AnyObject]?, error: NSError?) -> Void in if error == nil {...

How to know a file is writing via NSFileManager

I got a problem , How to know the file is accessible ??? For example , the file is writing , but not finish yet. And I check the file again , I use [[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath:filePath]; It return true ... but the file is not accessible . How to...