knockout.js , Binding html to ko-observables.

Binding html to ko-observables.


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In this example

<strong>Test:</strong>  <span data-bind="text: currentResult()? currentResult().test_name : '' " /><br/>
<strong>SampleId:</strong>  <span data-bind="text: currentResult()? currentResult().sample_id : '' " /><br/>

I see only one text - only the first:

Test: <test_name>

If I exchange the lines, I see only

SampleId:<my sample id>

It is not because of height limits. Inserting some breaks moves the first line lower.

Is there any syntactical error in the code or something else?

Firebug doesn't show any error.

I use Bootstrap. Both elements are inside a <div class="col-md-5">

Many thanks in advance!


From my comment:

Depending on your doctype tag span as you write it may not be valid see Can a span be closed using <span />? - also I don't think that knockout templates should be mixed up with your plain html they may require stricter syntax. I suggest you write <span data-bind=""></span>.


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