tomcat,primefaces,safari,websocket,push , primefaces push not working in Safari using AWS Tomcat7

primefaces push not working in Safari using AWS Tomcat7


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I am using PrimeFaces 5.1, JSF 2.1 and tomcat 7 and my application is in AWS. atmosphere version 2.2.2.

I am not able to use push functionality in Safari 5.1.7.

We have configured the AWS to enable push based on Primeface push with AWS , Websocket with Tomcat 7 on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Creation of .ebextensions folder in aws elastic beanstalk.

Push is working in all other browsers.

I tried the solution provided in primepush on Tomcat 7 not working which was unsuccessful.

Safari console shows enter image description here

Any help is appreciated..

Update1: one option is to try non secure websockets when safari browser is detected (from If so, the question is how to make the primefaces's push to select non secure web socket?

Update2: tried implementing SSL to see if push was not working in Safari due to our self signed certificate. that also didnot seem to work either.


This problem occurred due to a missing configuration the web.xml. On analysing tomcat's log (catalina.out), found an error when Safari was trying to connnect to tomcat, ERROR org.atmosphere.cpr.AsynchronousProcessor - Invalid request state. AsyncContext#startAsync not supported.

On searching with this error, found a solution from!topic/atmosphere-framework/D5-yrW6NzLU

Added <async-supported>true</async-supported> to shiroFilter in web.xml like


Using this, Safari 5.1.7 was able to use push functionality.

Hope this help somebody else like it helped me.


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