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Realm - Can't set object of type subclass to property of type parent class


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Hi everyone,

I encounter a little problem with Realm, I have a class "Contact" and a subclass "Person" defined as :


#import <Realm/Realm.h>
#import "Contact.h"


@interface Person : Contact

@property NSString * nickName;


I have an other entity called "Address" which has a "Contact" property ( an address can only be related to one contact ).


#import <Realm/Realm.h>
@class Contact;


@interface Address : RLMObject

@property NSString * city;
@property NSString * country;

@property RLMContact *contact;


The problem is : when I try to set a "Person" object to the contact property of "Address", I got this error :

[address setContact:person];
'Can't set object of type 'Person' to property of type 'Contact'

I tried to cast it but still the same issue :

[address setContact:(Contact *)person];
'Can't set object of type 'Person' to property of type 'Contact'

I even tried after defining the Person class on my Address.h but still the same problem :


#import <Realm/Realm.h>
@class Contact;
@class Person;


@interface Address : RLMObject

@property NSString * city;
@property NSString * country;

@property RLMContact *contact;


Anyone has an idea ?

Thanks in advance guys.


In Realm, while you can subclass your RLMObject entities, those subclasses aren't polymorphic. That is to say, you cannot substitute a Person object when you say you're linking to a Contact object, because Realm treats them as entirely separate entities.


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