cordova,android-fullscreen , How do i add custom plugin and use it in phonegap build?

How do i add custom plugin and use it in phonegap build?


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I have phonegap app build in "build.phonegap", which means i have only xml file to configure my phonegap plugins.

What i want is to have a full-screen on android, for me it means the "navigation bar" should be removed!

After much searching i found this plugin:

The reason i want to use this plugin is because i can't find another way to hide the navigation bar, and other configs in my xml that i thought would do such a thing, like:

<preference name="fullscreen" value="true" />

not doing what i intended, so the plugin is a last resort (or is it?)

1) How can i add this plugin to phonegap build and configure it in the xml? Is this suppose to helping me?

2) If still it's not possible for some reason (to use the plugin for the purpose of hiding the navigation bar), how can i just disable the behavior of the navigation bar (in android) at all?


On phonegap build you can only use plugins from:

If the plugin isn't there, you can ask the plugin author to submit it, or fork it and submit it yourself (if you want to submit it to the phonegap build repository you need a paid plan)


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