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doctrine does not hydration when select custom fields


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i have tried select fields with doctrine query buidler.

$queryBuilder = $entityManager->createQueryBuilder();
$queryBuilder->select(', au.firstName')
    ->from('Api\V1\Entity\AgencyUser', 'au')
    ->orderBy('au.firstName', 'asc');
$queryBuilder->andWhere(' = :agencyId')
    ->setParameter('agencyId', $agency->getId());


result :

    [0] => Array
        [id] => 1
        [firstName] => agency


why this is an array ? i want to hydrated result. any idea ?


You want to use Doctrine's Partial Object Syntax

$queryBuilder->select('partial au.{id, firstName}')

As to why it's not returning an object, this is from the same documentation linked above:

By default when you run a DQL query in Doctrine and select only a subset of the fields for a given entity, you do not receive objects back. Instead, you receive only arrays as a flat rectangular result set, similar to how you would if you were just using SQL directly and joining some data.


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