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Why do downloaded KB different in Firefox DevTools vs. Firebug or Chrome DevTools?


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Can anyone explain me why, debugging on any page, I see always a great difference between the Firefox DevTools, Firebug and the Chrome DevTools in terms of transferred file sizes? For example, with the homepage of Stack Overflow I see:

What is the truth?


In opposite to the Chrome DevTools' Network panel and Firebug's Net panel the summary within the Network panel of the Firefox DevTools displays the size of the contents after decompression. That means it displays the actual size of the files, not the transferred bytes of the files.

Background: Some servers compress the response contents before they sent them to the client using algorithms like GZIP to save network bandwidth. The clients then decompress the contents once they received them.

The Firefox DevTools do not offer a summary of the transferred size of files (as of Firefox 38.0.1). The Network panel only displays the decompressed size of files at the bottom of the panel:

Summary of network requests within the *Network* panel

Therefore I created an enhancement request to display the transferred size within the summary and the performance analysis.

Though the panel has a Transferred column listing the transferred size for each file:

*Transferred* column within Firefox DevTools *Network* panel

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Why do downloaded KB different in Firefox DevTools vs. Firebug or Chrome DevTools?

Can anyone explain me why, debugging on any page, I see always a great difference between the Firefox DevTools, Firebug and the Chrome DevTools in terms of transferred file sizes? For example, with the homepage of Stack Overflow I see: Chrome DevTools: 282 KB Firebug: 246 KB Firefox DevTools: 873...

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