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For loop not only passing once


Tag: for-loop,selenium-webdriver
      String[] expected = new String[10];
    //{"Acapulco","Frankfurt","London","New York","Paris","Portland","San Francisco","Seattle","Sydney","Zurich"};
    expected[0] = "Acapulco";
    expected[1] = "Frankfurt";
    expected[2] = "London";
    expected[3] = "New York";
    expected[4] = "Paris";
    expected[5] = "Portland";
    expected[6] = "San Francisco";
    expected[7] = "Seattle";
    expected[8] = "Sydney";
    expected[9] = "Zurich";

    List<WebElement> allOptions = driver.findElements("fromPort"));

 // match the fromPort list value against the expected Array
    for (int i = 0  ; i < (expected.length) && i < allOptions.size(); i++) {

         String optionValue = allOptions.get(i).getAttribute("value");

         if (optionValue.equals(expected[i])) {
             System.out.println("PASSED on: " + optionValue + " we had: "+ expected[i] );

         else {
             System.out.println("FAILED on: " + optionValue + " we expected: " + expected[i]);
    //close Firefox

When executing the loop is only going round once then it exists... So it executes: PASSED on: Acapulco we had: Acapulco then exits the loop...

This is following on from my other comment: My Other Comment

New to all this Java and Selenium....

I am assuming its something to do with the Size of it only being 1; but not sure how to increase/overcome this

HTML snippet added as requested in comments:


<td align="right">
    <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">


    <select name="fromPort">
        <option value="Acapulco"></option>
        <option value="Frankfurt"></option>
        <option value="London"></option>
        <option value="New York"></option>
        <option value="Paris"></option>
        <option value="Portland"></option>
        <option value="San Francisco"></option>
        <option value="Seattle"></option>
        <option value="Sydney"></option>
        <option value="Zurich"></option>


Please use the following code to select all options. The code you are trying to use selects the select element itself and not the options.

List<WebElement> allOptions = driver.findElement("fromPort")).findElements(By.tagName("option"));


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