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Attempted to assign to readonly property ECMAScript React Native


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I am trying to assign a value to an array declared in my Component. Unfortunately, exception is thrown.

TypeError: Attempted to assign to readonly property

Even if I remove strict mode, still exception is being raised. Can please someone guide me how can I make a variable both readable and writable? Thanks..!


class RootView extends Component {

  cachedData : []; //declared array here

//trying to assign dictionary in some function

someFunction(results) {

    this.cachedData[this.state.searchString.length - 1] = results;
    //exception raised here



Your syntax is incorrect. Add it to a constructor.

class RootView extends Component {

  constructor() {
    this.cachedData = [];
  someFunction(results) {
    this.cachedData[this.state.searchString.length - 1] = results;


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