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FAKE FtpHelper Usage


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I am trying to use F# FAKE to deploy a zip file to GoDaddy using FTP. There seems to be a FTPHelper in FAKE but I can't find any usage examples of how to create a target to use it.

All I've been able to come up with is,

Target "Ftp" (fun _ ->
        |> Request uploadAFolder (fun p ->
        {p with
            server =;
            user = joey;
            pwd = somepassword1;
            srcPath = buildDir;
            rootPath = /httpdoc;

I am a n00b still learning F# so the syntax is still a bit foreign to me and there doesn't seem to be any tutorials yet for using it and the above doesn't seem to be close to being right. Does anyone have a bit more insight to show me how the FtpHelper usage should be?


uploadAFolder is a function defined as:

val uploadAFolder: server:string -> user:string -> pwd:string -> srcPath:string -> rootDir:string -> unit

The function takes several parameters rather than a single record. I believe it would be used as follows:

Target "Ftp" (fun _ -> 
    uploadAFolder "" "joey" "somepassword1" "buildDir" "/httpdoc"


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