web-services,jboss,war,web-deployment,resteasy , JBoss REST WS application doesn't work when deployed as WAR file but works when expanded to a folder

JBoss REST WS application doesn't work when deployed as WAR file but works when expanded to a folder


Tag: web-services,jboss,war,web-deployment,resteasy

I am deploying an application on JBoss server (EAP-6.4.0, JBoss Web/7.5.7.Final-redhat-1).

I get a very strange behavior. Let's say the application is called Engine.war. The application implements a REST Web service server.

  1. When I deploy the application by copying the WAR file to c:\EAP-6.4.0\standalone\deployments\Engine.war file, it is successfully deployed, but doesn't work.

  2. When I deploy it by unpacking/extracting/exploding the content of the WAR file to c:\EAP-6.4.0\standalone\deployments\Engine.war folder and creating the Engine.war.dodeploy file, it is also deployed, but does work.

By doesn't work I mean that the server is complaining that

JBWEB000065: HTTP Status 404 -
JBWEB000124: The requested resource is not available.
JBoss Web/7.5.7.Final-redhat-1

so the same behavior like if you misspell the URI.

All the web resources I have found state that these two deployment methods are just equivalent alternatives, and for our other applications we do not observe any differences!

Can you see any reason why in just this case it is matters if I unpack the WAR file or not?


We finally found the solution. It's pretty stupid so I want to post it to prevent others from losing their time...

We have found that there was a difference in the naming. The name of the unpacked WAR file was not just Engine.war as I stated in my question (I did it as I believed it would hide all the irrelevant details). The actual name was Engine-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war, but when I unpacked it I was lazy to write such a long name and I unpacked it to a folder named just Engine.war.

By default - unless specified explicitly otherwise - the application's root address is the same as the WAR file name, so for Engine-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war it was http://localhost:8080/Engine-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.

However, we counted with address http://localhost:8080/Engine and it worked, as the Eclipse plugin always removed the version suffix from the unpacked folder and we did not realize that.

More detailed description here: http://www.openscope.net/2010/01/25/war-deployment-file-structure/.

So the whole "trick" was to add the proper WEB-INF\jboss-web.xml file with content

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE jboss-web>

By the way, as another post says, you cannot do it in a server-agnostic way: http://stackoverflow.com/a/664089/2886891


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