awk , What would I do to match a value of just '/' in the “Mounted on” column?

What would I do to match a value of just '/' in the “Mounted on” column?


Tag: awk

Assume the following output:

➜  ~  df -kl                             
Filesystem                        1024-blocks      Used Available Capacity  iused     ifree %iused  Mounted on
/dev/disk1                          487401624 207950512 279195112    43% 52051626  69798778   43%   /
/dev/disk2s2                        732238672 242656088 489582584    34% 60664020 122395646   33%   /Volumes/Backup Drive

I would like to extract '43%' (column %iused) from the output above. What would I do to match '/'? I get the feeling I need to escape it. In the past I matched a specific string (i.e. CPU usage) without any issue. I would use something like:

top -l 1 | awk '/CPU usage:/ {print $3}'

But the '/' is giving me trouble. Any ideas?


From your comments it sounds like this might be what you want:

df -kl | awk '$NF=="/"{ print $8 }'

If not, do edit your question to clarify.


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