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How can a single installer 'Setup.exe' be used to install multiple instances of same application


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I have created a installer of type InstallScript MSI installer using InstallShield 2008 and it is working. Now I want to install multiple instances of same product on same machine using same installer. I want to show them as a separate application in Add/Remove programs and also a separate directory structure.

Following are the points that I have already tried but haven't find out any solution yet:


I selected point 1 route "Maintenance Experience" and that worked for me.

I converted my project from InstallScript MSI Project to InstallScript Project. I got the compile time errors in Setup.rul file but I find the alternatives for those errors and fix them and make the script able to compile.

So far it is working fine and I am able to install multiple instances from single installer 'Setup.exe'.


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I use property PORTS to pass some http ports to my installation. Then these ports will be stored into init file and used by the application. I need to add these ports to FirewallException? But following code does not work: <Component Id="fwException" Guid="MyGUID"> <Condition>Privileged</Condition> <RegistryKey Root="HKCU" Key="Software\Company\[ProductName]"> <RegistryValue Name="fwException" Value="1"...

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i am new to Wix toolsets. i have successfully made my first installer in Wix but now i am confused about my software updates which usually are minor. in my installer i want to check if user have any older version installed then i want to show him three options...

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WixSharp inject multiple Custom CLR Dialogs

Using WixSharp, we can insert a custom System.Windows.Forms window as dialog . project.InjectClrDialog("ShowCustomDialog", Dialogs.InstallDirDlg, Dialogs.VerifyReadyDlg); [CustomAction] public static ActionResult ShowCustomDialog(Session session) { return WixCLRDialog.ShowAsMsiDialog(new MyCustomDialog(session)); } The MyCustomDialog is derived from WixCLRDialog class. If I have consecutive custom dialogs ( done in System.Windows.Forms ) to show. How do I insert...

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How can a single installer 'Setup.exe' be used to install multiple instances of same application

I have created a installer of type InstallScript MSI installer using InstallShield 2008 and it is working. Now I want to install multiple instances of same product on same machine using same installer. I want to show them as a separate application in Add/Remove programs and also a separate directory...

Single Package Authoring

I am trying to create Single Package Authoring installation using following tutorial - Main wix file is following: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?> <Wix xmlns=''> <Product Name='Foobar 1.0' Id='GUID' UpgradeCode='GUID' Language='1033' Codepage='1252' Version='1.0.0' Manufacturer='Acme Ltd.'> <Package Id='*' Keywords='Installer' Description="Acme's Foobar 1.0 Installer" Comments='Foobar is a registered trademark of Acme Ltd.'...

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What I Have Done: I created a Visual Studio Setup Project that creates the installer for my WPF application. This installer creates the MSI I use to install the application. I created a Primary Output with my primary project and created a shortcuts to this. The application installs successfully. Problem:...

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I Installed my application in version. Services have been installed on the user account (with username / password). How to make an update, so the user does not have to specify login and password again? <MajorUpgrade DowngradeErrorMessage="A newer version of [ProductName] is already installed." />   <Component Id="MyService" Guid="MyGUID"...

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I have two custom actions (immediate and deferrend). I would like to skipping actions during upgrade. I tried: <Product Id="*" Name="$(var.ProductName)" Language="1033" Version="$(var.Version)" Manufacturer="$(var.Manufacturer)" UpgradeCode="{GUID}"> <MajorUpgrade DowngradeErrorMessage="Newer version is already installed." /> <Custom Action='CAa' After='InstallInitialize'>NOT Installed AND NOT PATCH</Custom> and: <Custom Action='CAa' After='InstallInitialize'>NOT Installed AND NOT...

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I need a last (lol) little help... i finished my software and TATA i'm not able to find a correct way to create it's setup. I googled, yes, i googled and searched here but i found only old post referring old visual studio versions.... Please be patient with me... As...

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I am trying to write a value into an XML file during the installation, this value comes from a text field which user fills it during the installation stage. In my GUI file for the installer I have the following EditField: <Control Id="LogEdit" Type="Edit" X="45" Y="155" Width="100" Height="18" Property="LOGVALUE" Text="{80}"...

Database changes management in installer updates

How can I run a series of database scripts depending on some condition? Basically I want to check build installed on user's machine and then want to run all the scripts till the build in the installer. Say user has build number 4.10 installed and if he goes to install...

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I have a WiX project in VS2013. The output directory in wixproj is: bin\$(Platform)\$(Configuration)\ by fact it is \bin\x64\Release\en-us How and where I can change the real output to \bin\x64\Release\ ?...

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I had a perfectly good wix installer when it came to moving files from the cab file to the hard drive. The problems are all being caused by the way I am writing my custom action. First, I will show the culprit, then explain the symptoms. <CustomAction Id="InstallElasticWithProvidedBatch" FileKey="fil85D231A31B2F8EB99C6B9EA4B95A354C" Impersonate="no"...

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I am a new to msi installations through command prompt.Can anyone show me how to install an application with product code through msiexec. Currently I am using the command : msiexec /i "D:\msiexec\Calculator\CalculatorInstaller\CalculatorInstaller\Express\DVD-5\DiskImages\DISK1\CalculatorInstaller.msi" ProductCode="42F48712-5C2E-41D1-83CC-2D28C91C889A" but though it's getting installed, I am not able to verify that at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>Wow6432nodeMicrosoft>windows>Uninstall . Please...

Want to create mysql user in installation with full Privileges In NSIS

I am using following code but did not succeed, please help !define deflogin root !define defpassword mysqlpassword !define HOSTPORT "%" ExecWait '$folder\bin\mysql --user=${deflogin} --password=${defpassword} --execute="grant all privileges on *.* to $\'${login}$\' @ $\'${HOSTPORT}$\' identified by $\'${password}$\'"' ${login} & ${password} taken by a custom .ini configuration by following process Function .onInit...

How to install postgres with NSIS with all parameters?

We have a C# program which uses postgres as its database, so we want to bundle the postgres in the installer as a semi-silent install, i.e. the user will be notified about the mandatory installation, but the installation itself will be automatically performed without the need for user input. After...

migrating any windows program to another pc (without installer GUI) [closed]

I am looking for a way to remotely install a program to other computer units running Windows on the fly ,without the need of running the installer steps on each computer (next,next,finish...) all over again , .exe installers don't usually have an easy way to do this without using the...

WIX-Installer ServiceControl “sufficient privileges” error

Visual Studio 2015 RC Wix v3.10.0.1726 I am creating a installer for a windows services. I've tested the service with InstallUtil and it runs fine. Unfortunately I'm having a bit of troubles with wix, here is the exact error - "Service 'Service Name' failed to start. Verify that you have...

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in case i have a source code and an api to generate windows executable version, is there any possibility or any easy approach to convert it into something that can be executed across Linux /mac or Solaris platforms?

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I wish to make my installer (visual studio setup) to install redistributable (Visual C++ 2013 redistributable x86) in case it isn't installed on the PC or install the necessary dll for my program. I don't wish to set a launch condition. If possible, I wish that the installation of the...

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I am setting up the installation locations for my installer. However, it throws an error when I try to set the locations. Source code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Wix xmlns=""> <Product Id="*" Name="Wix_setup" Language="1033" Version="" Manufacturer="Frank Jansen" UpgradeCode="37a42e55-dea8-47da-8f4f-fb065dd38a9e"> <Package InstallerVersion="200" Compressed="yes" InstallScope="perMachine" /> <MajorUpgrade DowngradeErrorMessage="A newer version of...

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I'm trying to deploy my project and create an installer. I've created a msi file in vs2005. When running the .msi setup wizard, i'm getting the error: "Module abc failed to register. HRESULT -2147010895. Contact your support personnel." The module that failed to register is a C++ com dll.But in...

Distributing installer of Windows desktop application

I have an installer for my Windows app and it is quite big (>100 Mb). I am also using ClickOnce deployment framework, so each time I issue an update all my users have to download the installer. We tried to use Amazon S3 to store the setup file, but it...

How to understand which MSI file start

I have W8.1 and i need know which MSI file start when OS opening because installation is corrupted and all time i need press cancel. I want delete it to stop starting with Explorer.exe I already tried to deactivate all process in tab process of Task Manager but don't work....

Windows Form asking .Net framework 4.5 while installing on Windows Xp sp3

I have developed a Windows Form application in .Net C# using visual studio 2013. I am very sure that I have selected .Net framework version 3.5 while creating the project, so that it can install on Windows XP sp3 as well. I have created the setup file using Visual Studio...

How can I change the text in the Wix installer dialog?

My text message is stuck to "Install My Product to:" How can I change this? ("My Product" is the name of my product and the string above is resolved based on the Name attribute in my Product.wxs). I have 2 dialogs and the second requires a different message....

Is NSIS 3.0b1 stable for production usage?

I want to try out NSIS install system. On the download page There are version 2.46 ( last updated in 2009 ) , and the newer 3.0b1 . It seems the newer one is in beta and I worry about stability issues. I wonder if any of you have...