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How can i generate domain model diagrams, and documentation


Tag: import,documentation,enterprise-architect,domain-model,generated

I imported my project files into Enterprise Architect, under the Domain Model section. The program imported the files correctly, but it did not create domain model diagrams, so i can generate documentation about it, but it is empty.

If i imported the project files under the Class model section, class diagrams creates, and i able to generate documentation correctly. But i need the Domain Model.

So, how can i generate domain model diagrams, and a correct documentation with them?


There's no point in having EA generate diagrams for you (although that is possible as well). The only thing that will do is create huge, unreadable "wallpaper" diagrams.

You better create the diagrams yourself.

Just add a diagram in a package and start dropping classes onto it.

Once you have usable diagrams you can generate your documentation.


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