f#,max , Why does max (Operator) not return the longest list?

Why does max (Operator) not return the longest list?


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I want to find the longest of two lists. Consider the following code sample:

let xs = ['B']
let ys = ['A'; 'B']
let longest = max xs ys
printfn "%A" longest

Contrary to my expectation the output of this program is ['B'] rather than ['A'; 'B'].

Why does List<'T> implement max this way? How/where exactly is this implementation defined?

I can see that max requires comparison, which I believe implies the implementation of IComparable. List<'T> does that automatically by making use of the StructuralComparison attribute. But how does this automatic implementation look like?

What is the most concise alternative I can use to get the longest of two lists?


F# compares lists element by element. As 'B' > 'A' so it considers first list > second (lexicographic order) and breaks further comparison. You can use .Length property on list to compare lengths. Like this for example;

let longest = if xs.Length > ys.Length then xs else ys


val longest : char list = ['A'; 'B'] 


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