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How to use mock with epel-7


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I have been trying to create a chroot for epel-7 using mock. Following this link: http://miroslav.suchy.cz/blog/archives/2015/05/20/why_mock_does_not_work_on_el_6_and_el7_and_how_to_fix_it/index.html I changed my .cfg file. Now when I tr to create chroot, I get the following error:

 sudo ./create_chroot.sh epel-7
INFO: mock.py version 1.2.8 starting (python version = 2.7.8)...
Start: init plugins
INFO: selinux enabled
Finish: init plugins
Start: run
Start: clean chroot
Finish: clean chroot
Start: chroot init
INFO: calling preinit hooks
INFO: enabled root cache
INFO: enabled yum cache
Start: cleaning yum metadata
Finish: cleaning yum metadata
INFO: enabled ccache
Mock Version: 1.2.8
INFO: Mock Version: 1.2.8
Start: yum install
Error: Nothing to do
ERROR: Command failed. See logs for output.

As I already made the changes in /etc/mock/*.cfg file, I am not sure why am I still getting this error. Could you please help me figure out what other changes are necessary? TIA


Turns out the reason was that the repos were not being configured properly. Changed the repos and everything worked fine. Thanks.


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