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Cons of a liferay cms while website development using Community Edition


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I am new to LIFERAY CMS. i need cons of a liferay cms i.e., difficulties faced while developing and using liferay cms. can you please list cons of liferay cms.


I am not sure, if this question really belongs here, anyway here are few my points:

If you need just CMS, I would recommend looking for an other option, e.g. Magnolia CMS (disclaimer: I am a former Magnolia CMS developer).

On the other hand, if you need a collaboration tool (wiki spaces, forums, possibility to create open/private groups, ...), then Liferay if probably the best free option (there are better, but paid).


how to create direct link to cms articles

I'm creating a simple CMS with a table called 'articles' that all the articles are stored in it. In my AddArticle.php page on the website I have a form that creates the articles and feeds the table. Now I'm confused with article linking. As far as I know a CMS...

EZ PUBLISH Backend Location

where can I find this page in ez publish root directory? I'm new to this so please bear with me. thanks in advance....

Keep liferay-ui:search-container while paging

I have a <liferay-ui:search-container> displaying my results. I enabled a rowChecker, so that each row becomes selectable by a check box. It is placed in a form; in this way users can select more rows, then click on my "submit" button and the action is able to get ids of...

How can I change the zIndex attribute of aui-datepicker in Liferay Portlet 6.2

I have discoveder one problem with date field in portlet in LF 6.2. The problem is that after clicking on the input field, the datepicker is displaying, but with zIndex=0, that means it is under the portlet. If I change on firebug that parameter to 1, everything is OK. I...

I love everything about this Real Estate listings site. What will it take to replicate? [closed]

javascript,html,ajax,wordpress,content-management-system I'm curious as to the amount of work that would need to go into such a site: Would it be built from the ground up, or utilize a CMS? Can it be effectively created with Wordpress? What ideas come to mind when you visit the site? What unique functionality...

Integrate content from API with a CMS website

I don't have lots of experience with Wordpress, Joomla, or any other PHP CMS for that matter. But I do know how to build a JSON RESTful API. In this particular case I've created one that handles creative content (articles, events data etc.) Now I would like to create websites...

Get list of users in liferay

I want to display users list on liferay. and I am having problem with it. Here is my action class. public void userList(ActionRequest actionRequest, ActionResponse actionResponse) throws SystemException { // Todo Logic for user code try { int countUser = UserLocalServiceUtil.getUsersCount();"User Present In DB" + countUser); List < User...

Move metadata field in SilverStripe CMS?

I am trying to move the default Metadata field in the SilverStripe CMS but I can't seem to do so successfully. This is what I have tried: $fields->removeFieldFromTab("Root.Content.Main", "Metadata"); $fields->insertBefore(new FormField('Metadata', 'Metadata'), 'Content'); But it does not work. I can remove this field but adding it back in where I...

How manage styles in Vaadin portlet in Liferay

I have a Portlet, where is used Valo theme. Most graphical components are displayed properly, but TextField not. It should have rounded border radius and height should be about 35px. It has normally about 15px and the field is angular. When I narrow width of browser window to about 200px...

Liferay Migrating User from legacy database & LDAP

I am migrating data into Liferay from legacy database for which I have written script to programmatically push data into Liferay's user as I see fit. Now authentication happens with LDAP and some basic details of user are also in LDAP which is supposed to be synced. Will it cause...

How to host a newportal instance in liferay

I have created a new portal instance in liferay. I want to host it in my local Ubuntu machine. What i have done is created a WEB ID as Virtual host as and the mail domain as thanks...

Add block to all CMS Pages with certain URL Key

I'm trying to discover whether this is possible or not. We have a series of CMS pages that represent our library. So the URL keys for these pages are something like: library/ library/top-ten library/five-questions library/faq etc... The powers that be want to add a static block that will appear only...

Does'nt Liferay work at different ports?

I have developed a portal page using Liferay and the port number is 8080. I wanted to test SSO, I decided not to try with the existing one as there might be some problems and I might end up crashing the whole thing. As a result I downloaded a new...

How to pass data from page to Portlet class through AJAX call?

I'm trying to pass a value in an AJAX 'GET' request to my Portlet class, but I can't quite figure out a way to access such variable's value in the class. My AJAX code is: function loadXMLDoc() { var nocache = new Date().getTime(); var xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); var url = "${mURL}";...

How to pass HTTP request to Web-Service

From my portlet JSP, I am trying to make a Ajax call to web-service. My aim is to pass HTTP request object as a parameter to web-service method. Please suggest.

CMSEditableRegion inside a code loop

I am trying to add a cmseditableregion to my Kentico webpart that exists inside of tabbed content, now the amount of tabs are flexible so I would like to generate this dynamically. I have tried the method that follows (stringbuilder) but it just renders it as html and not as...

Appending children to different elements with same class name

Using a custom CMS's "Form Builder", I complied an extensive form, with lists of checkboxes for each music "Category" to choose different songs from. The form writes the HTML in a table format, so I used the below code to convert it into an unordered list format that's to be...

Magento content management; prevent a mess

So, I started on a new project this week and of course I'm thinking about the problems I'm going to find during the whole development process. We are going to make a shop that has a pretty good design, pretty excited to work on this. However, the design uses a...

Portlet event send array of objects

We have multiple projects with multiple portlets and need to send an array of objects between them. Our situation: One of the porlets is like a "Master-portlet", it will be responsible for all the REST-calls and consume json-data and parse it to Java-Objects. All the other portlets will receive an...

I am working on a MVC Portlet and the document i am saving is not going to db

Here is my Action Class, where I have to save any document to database but its not working and getting error in console that NoSuchMethodException (javax.portlet.ActionRequest, javax.portlet.ActionResponse) package com.test.docupload; import; import; import; import; import javax.portlet.ResourceRequest; import javax.portlet.ResourceResponse; import javax.portlet.PortletException; import com.liferay.counter.service.CounterLocalServiceUtil; import...

Lifefay freemarker ADT: methods unavailable?

I'm trying to work on some ADT for asset publisher (Documents and Media type), but I often have a message telling me that : Expression assetRenderer.getDataRepositoryId is undefined or Expression assetRenderer.getFileEntryId is undefined I found some threads where people said that we must add velocity.engine.restricted.classes= velocity.engine.restricted.variables= freemarker.engine.restricted.classes= freemarker.engine.restricted.variables= in

how to bypass the necessity of having to have email address firstname and lastname in liferay to import authenticating users

My application uses liferay to connect to LDAP server and import authenticating users. But many of the user records in the ldap schema doesn't have email id. This seems to be preventing me from importing these users as liferay requires email id, among other things, inorder to successfully import new...

How to ignore Liferay user removed from LDAP errors?

I have a Liferay 6.1 instance that is connected to LDAP. New users get imported nicely, but when I remove a user from the LDAP directory, Liferay starts throwing exceptions when it tries to sync users from LDAP. These seem to be safe to ignore, but they produce several megabytes...

Register multiple EventHandlers for one portlet

I would like to register more than one EventHandler in a Portlet in my portlet.xml. Right now it looks like this: When trying to add a second block of init-param i get an error: Than i tryed to add multiple EventHandler in one init-param block, but i get this error:...

Concrete5 SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory on localhost

I'm trying to install Concrete5 on a localhost using MAMP, but every time I put it the database information, I get this error. SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory How can I solve this problem?...

Cons of a liferay cms while website development using Community Edition

I am new to LIFERAY CMS. i need cons of a liferay cms i.e., difficulties faced while developing and using liferay cms. can you please list cons of liferay cms.

CKEDITOR leave text as it is

When i save my content, it changes things that i don't want to be changed. How can i make it so it would just save my content without changing anything? Content before saving: <a anything</a> After save the above example becomes: <a a="" anything=""> </a> Im trying to find a...

commandButton action method not invoked in Liferay

I've the below portlet view.xhtml: <?xml version="1.0"?> <f:view xmlns="" xmlns:c="" xmlns:f="" xmlns:h="" xmlns:ui="" xmlns:p=""> <h:body> <h:form> <h:commandButton value="TESTButton" action="#{navigationViewBean.submit}" /> <h:outputText value="TESTGetter: #{navigationViewBean.testField}" /> </h:form>...

Text internationalization in Javascript using liferay-ui:message

How can I do internationalization for this : alert('<liferay-ui:message key="please-choose-file-type" />'); Notice that I want to internationalize the message inside Alert using Liferay:ui:message tag. Thanks....

How to delete a portlet in Liferay 6.1 programmatically from code

I'm working on Liferay 6.1 I want to delete a portlet in Liferay 6.1 from my code. What I have done so far is: <a onclick="Liferay.Portlet.close('#p_p_id_28_'); return false;">Remove</a> Above code is working fine. But it is working on the current page only i.e. it can delete the portlet(s) which is...

In liferay market place, I am unable to submit the project

In Liferay market place i am stuck at the place "Upload Liferay Plugin Packages " When ever i am trying to upload a war file Please help me to short it out :)...

Form submit portlet with Spring MVC

I'm trying to achieve a Liferay portlet of submit form using spring MVC. The model: package com.model; public class Person { String firstName; String middleName; public String getFirstName() { return this.firstName; } public String getMiddleName() { return this.middleName; } public void setFirstName(String firstName) { this.firstName=firstName; } public void setMiddleName(String middleName)...

How To Break Up Company Website Into Groups To Manage Their Content

I've been looking around and not finding any good answers. I work at a small company. They have a quick information website for internal users. It needs updating but here is the situation. I want each group to be able to manage their own page/s contents. For instance HR to...

Include ftl file in ext plugin

I have ext-plugin and I would like to override this file: portal-impl\src\com\liferay\portlet\dynamicdatamapping\dependencies\ddm\documentlibrary.ftl. After maven build, this file isn't include in my porta-impl-ext.jar. In my portal-impl-ext's pom.xml I have this code: <build> <plugins> <plugin> <groupId>com.liferay.maven.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>liferay-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>${liferay.maven.plugin.version}</version> <configuration>...

Identify that the logged in user is an administrator or not using velocity

I would like to identify that the logged in user is an administrator or not using velocity. The goal is to show the dockbar to the administrator user(s) only. I have tried following code, but is not working for me: #if ($is_signed_in && $permissionChecker.isGroupAdmin($group_id)) #dockbar() #end Please help me!!!...

How to upload file in relative directory

I have made a application where we can upload any file which will save in our local given directory. I want to modify it, i want to add a drop down (with multiple option i.e floor, store, section) for department. i.e if we want to upload a file in 'Store'...

Users in Guest role see default theme instead custom one for given layouts

Users in Guest role see default theme instead custom one for pages which inherit from defined custom theme. This seems to be very strange problem. Even though layouts have specified to inherit theme from parent theme: Use the same look and feel of the Public Pages. Guests see them as...

Service builder doesn't delete table in DB

Hi all, I'm using LR 6.1. I created a new entity Called " Recommendation" in service.xml then a run BuildServices with Ant to generate the service builder Files. Now I want to delete the Entity. So I Deleted if from service.xml, but nothing happens in Data base and the other...

Incorrect liferay-plugins dependency

In following dependency is defined: dependencies { classpath group: "com.liferay.portal", name: "portal-service", version: "7.0.0-SNAPSHOT" } How can a 6.2.x version have a dependency on 7.0.0 version? Is it a bug? When I peek to the history of the file, the dependency has always been there. I am not able...

Umbraco 7 lists

I am new to Umbraco, and am trying to get to grips with its concepts, in particular how to create lists. For example, you might want a news listing that appears on a page as a list of headlines with mouseover extra content, but you don't want to be able...

Customize CreateAccountAction in Liferay Portal

I'm trying to add "User Group" Selection field while creating a user (Self User Registration form - create_account.jsp). Here Custom fields is not helpful because Usergroup is already exists in db. I want to insert into existing Users_UserGroups table. I'm using below hook: But User is not added in the...

Customizing My Sites portlet in Liferay

I want to customize My Sites portlet (which is out of box portlet) in liferay using ext. How do I do this? How do I get the source code for the my sites portlet?

Liferay workflow Flow(ie:Kaleo WorkFlow)

I have a requirement.We have a form where we create users in liferay and it should go through approval process(ie:single approver).If the omni admin fills that form then the user must not go through approval process and when the same form is accessed by any other user it must go...

How can I configure AOP in Liferay Service Builder?

I want to to intercept a method in Service Builder, for example: XXXLocalService.update(). But I don't know the correct way to do this. I have done some research but I haven't found a clear way to do this. Any help will be greatly appreciated....

Difference between Liferay Mobile SDK and Liferay Screens

Can someone tell me the difference between Liferay Mobile SDK and Liferay Screens? Thanks a lot....

AJAX Call not working in liferay 6.2.2?

I am trying to perform a AJAX Call. But what i get is ResourceURL as undefined when i see the error in chrome. Below is my code. Declaration: <liferay-portlet:resourceURL copyCurrentRenderParameters="<%= false %>" var="mainURL" /> Implementation:"POST", resourceURL , false); But at implmentation i get resourceURL as undefined. In 6.1 it...

How to create service builder for liferay plugin project with maven

I have Already create Liferay Plugin project. and maven install also over. it gives ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] BUILD SUCCESS [INFO] --------------------------------------------------------------------- [INFO] Total time: 1:29.773s [INFO] Finished at: Wed Jun 17 15:46:10 IST 2015 [INFO] Final Memory: 34M/151M [INFO] -----------------------------. But unable to add service builder. When i try to add...

Customizing liferay Calendar portlet

I'm trying to customize Calendar portlet using this below instructions. Its basically creating Plugins to extend plugins. In order to achieve above, I need "Calendar-portlet.war" . I don't find any war file for calendar portlet for my version. So i decided to build myself. Then i downloaded Portal plugins...

Google Tag Manager for staging environment and production

Just a simple question here as I'm new to GTM. We have the staging environment at and the production environment at Both sites use the same source code of course, so the same GTM account and same script. How can you add scrips via GTM only to the...