memory,operating-system , can paging be slower/faster than swapping on a machine?

can paging be slower/faster than swapping on a machine?


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This is a very naive question, but I wonder if there is any comparison that can be made on paging or swapping speed? They are offering the same functionality (moving from memory to disk, etc) but with different strategies (writing frames, or writing down the whole memory). Now the problem is, can one of them be faster than the other? And what does this depend on?


Paging always happens. It's just a mechanism of mapping virtual memory. Swapping is "paging + disk I/O", so therefore no, paging is neither an alternative to swapping nor can be slower than swapping itself.


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I used ./bin/spark-shell to run some experiments and find out the following facts. When running jobs (transformation + action), I notice the memory usage in the top. For example, for 5G text file, I did a simple filter() and count(). After the job is done, there are 7g marked as...

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Linux “free -m”: Total, used and free memory values don't add up [closed]

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Valgrind found the following error and I, after reading the documentation, the code and other questions in here couldn't figure it out why. Valgrind: first warning ~$ valgrind --vgdb=yes --vgdb-error=0 --read-var-info=yes --leak-check=yes --track-origins=yes debitadmin* debitadmin ==20720== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) ==20720== at 0x4013BC6: initialise (dbg.c:199) ==20720==...

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I was wondering if there is a tool in any IDE which can be used to "look" into dynamically allocated variables in C. If for example I use the code below, it is not possible to use the watches (CodeBlocks) to track the variables, only the adresse the pointer is...

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I am currently trying to write an OpenCL application doing some memory intensive calculations. To track the progress of all the calculations I created a for loop which creates different kernel groups. Unfortunately, the calculation fills up my whole memory. My guess is that the kernels are not done executing...

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I am brand new to coding and I'm having a go at trying to make a simple app that shows computer information in a multiline textbox, as you do. So, I managed to get the basics by searching the registry for os name, version, etc and using system.environment to get...

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I am new to Django. I wrote a basic application. When I test it, every small change I make in the Python code logs me out from localhost. This happens when I use this cache backend: 'BACKEND': 'django.core.cache.backends.locmem.LocMemCache', but does not when I use this one: 'BACKEND': 'django.core.cache.backends.memcached.MemcachedCache', Is there...

Using and having allocation memory issue

I'm new to programming, I've been making an app for the last 3 months and learned a few things. But I haven't come across to how to solve this issue. I've been using as my server, sending pictures, saving user data etc. With all of this data the app...

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I'm new to android and i started to develop a game, I thought about memory management when loading images and using them for animations, I want to know how to manage it properly so it wont damage the game's smoothness, How could i proceed with this?. And while I'm asking...

Detemine memory used by Hazelcast cache

I'm implementing the backend of a game in Java and I was told to use Hazelcast to cache some data from the database. How could I find out how much memory is used by the cache (necessary to determine the business cost of this solution)?

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what is TCM memory on ARM processors, is it a dedicated memory which resides next to the processor or just a region of RAM which is configured as TCM??. if it's a dedicated memory, why can we configure it's location and size?....

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So I have a void * data of 32 bit unsigned integers which represents the pixels. Is it okay for me to access one of the pixels with a char * and modify the values directly? Or is it better to store my new pixel in a temporary uint32_t variable...

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I am doing this on Cray XE6 machine where I can't log in on compute nodes and there is no possibility for interactive session, therefore I would need to somehow use top command: run top in the background and have it take snapshot at regular times and send it to...

Not Used Recently (NUR) Page Replacement Algorithm [closed]

How to implement NUR (Not used recently page replacement algorithm) using any high level programming language (c, c++ or java)

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In 64bit R, what should my memory.limit() be set to?

I intend to work with some large vectors in R. memory.limit currently gives: memory.limit() [1] 4095 But I think that this is the default for 32bit R, whilst my installation is 64bit. What should my memory.limit() be set to in 64bit R?...

Which channel type uses the least amount of memory in Go?

I find myself frequently using channels to get things to stop. In these cases the channel is being used solely as a means of signaling, and none of the data is actually used. For example: package main import ( "fmt" "time" ) func routine(stopChan chan bool) { fmt.Println("goroutine: I've started!")...

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SetProcessWorkingSetSize does not work in compiling 64bit

I use the following command to reduce the memory usage of my program, I'm actually testing it, only when I compile the program in 64bit this command does not work fot, no error occurs, only the memory in task managerIt does not decrease too, since in compiling 32bit works perfectly,...

Memory error in c++ (armadillo)

I wanted to solve a kind of ordinary differential equation (master equation) and I wrote the following program in c++ by help of armadillo: #include <iostream> #include <armadillo> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; using namespace arma; cx_mat tens( cx_mat a1,cx_mat a2,cx_mat a3,cx_mat a4,cx_mat a5,cx_mat a6,cx_mat a7,cx_mat a8,cx_mat a9,cx_mat a10,cx_mat a11,cx_mata12,cx_mat...

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In linux, the range of virtual memory address in userspace, in other words, the range of value returned by malloc, is same as entire 64bits virtual memory space? Or, is there any sub-range of 64bits virtual memory space which is guaranteed not to be seen in userspace? Answers for UNIX...

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How can I profile memory (RAM) usage on my App Engine app? I'm trying to address errors related to exceeding the instance memory limit. I've tried these things and, so far, they don't work or don't provide what I need. Appstats. This doesn't provide memory usage details. Apptrace. It hasn't...

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I have a massive function i have been calling manually through the heroku rails console. I have been receiving the error rapid fire in my logs: 2015-06-22T14:56:42.940517+00:00 heroku[run.9877]: Process running mem=575M(112.4%) 2015-06-22T14:56:42.940517+00:00 heroku[run.9877]: Error R14 (Memory quota exceeded) A 1X dyno is suppose to have 512 MB of RAM. I...

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I just installed the latest beta of Xcode to try Swift 2 and the improvements made to the Apple Watch development section. I'm actually having an hard time figuring out WHY this basic NSUserDefaults method to share informations between iOS and Watch OS2 isn't working. I followed this step-by-step tutorial...

Assigning memory dynamically or on the stack based on a condition (if statement)

I have a C program in which an array of floats has its elements accessed quite often for the duration of the program. The size of the array depends on an argument that a user will input and therefore will vary. Generally, the size will be small enough (~ 125...

Converting collection to array with no extra memory

I need to convert Map into 2D array, so I've wrote this piece of code but it eats a lot of memory and I can't figure out why. private DataItem[][] convertDataToArrays(boolean[] filter, Map<Integer, List<T>> dataSet) double[] data = new double[sizeOfNewVector]; DataItem[][] reducedData = new DataItem[dataSet.size()][]; for (int i = dataSet.size()...

Does the dart VM impose restrictions on the stack memory size of a native extension?

I'm learning to write a native extension and I noticed an odd occurrence. When I allocate a multidimensional array and access it like so: (excuse any messy C code and bad practices I might be using unless they're likely the cause of my error. My C is not-so-great) int table[rows][cols];...

I am getting error in this code as “invalid indirection”

I am trying to dynamically allocate a contiguous block of memory, store some integer value and display it. #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { int i; int *ptr; ptr=(void *)malloc(sizeof(int)*5); //allocation of memory for(i=0;i<5;i++) { scanf("%d",&ptr[i]); } for(i=0;i<5;i++) { printf("%d",*ptr[i]); //error is found here`` } } } ...

function to get 2d-arrays from stack and heap

Consider a simple struct, Foo, which contains a pointer to some other strucrt, Baz. and a two-dimensional array, (stack-allocated): Foo arr[ARR_SIZE][ARR_SIZE]; Next, consider a function which mallocs (in the heap, obviously) a memory for a new 2d-array of Foos. A code snippet: Foo** arr_copy = malloc(sizeof(Foo*) * ARR_SIZE); for (int...

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If I add a value to the 1000th element of a javascript dictionary then is there any difference to adding that value to the 0th element assuming those positions are open. I'm speaking in terms of memory consumption. ex. arr[1000] = 'asdf'; versus arr[0] = 'asdf'; ...

Scrapy Memory Error (too many requests) Python 2.7

I've been running a crawler in Scrapy to crawl a large site I'd rather not mention. I use the tutorial spider as a template, then I created a series of starting requests and let it crawl from there, using something like this: def start_requests(self): f = open('zipcodes.csv', 'r') lines =...

How my computer knows a char corresponds to which character?

Does my OS load a font file which maps the UTF-8 codes to characters(the way to render it ) when I start up my computer? Since there are a lot of different fonts, the font files will consume a lot of memory? Or the font files are stored in hard-disk...

Memory Issue for Array Conversion

If we convert a large array containing 0 and 1 as boolean to another array containing 0 and 1 as float, the size of array would be almost 10 times larger. What is the best way (if any) to handle this issue in python (Numpy) if we need this conversion?

Does Python copy references to objects when slicing a list?

When a list is sliced, are the references to its contents copied from the original list? I can imagine that this may not be necessary, but I read the opposite (mentioned in passing). This question matters for instance for the following idiom, in the case of a very long my_list:...

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When I use RecyclerView and/or Picasso. It seems to cache and store alot of data in my application. However, I want to delete the stored data and the cache in a simple way whenever I am exiting my app. What is the simplest way to delete all data stored in...

sort runs out of memory

I'm using a pipe including sort to merge multiple large textfiles and remove dupes. I don't have root permissions but the box isn't configured in any way to cut non root privileges further down than default debian jessie. The box has 32GB RAM and 16GB are in use. Regardless on...

^M behind operating system version?

I am currently writing a perl script to extract data from a log file and create statements using the data in a new file. In this new file, one particular data that I've extracted and used here is the operating system's version. It shows Windows XP Service Pack 3^M. I...

1MiB = 1024KiB = 2^10. Nonetheless, why not use just 1000 byte instead 1024 to calculate size? [closed]

1024 = 2 to the power 10. Computers use binary system where the base is 2 (0 and 1). Humans use decimal system where the base is 10. So if I have 1 byte which contains 8 bit in modern computers I can represent up to 256 different states, possibilities,...