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How to include only specific parts of UI Bootstrap using Grunt


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I'm using the accordion, tooltips and transition components of UI Bootstrap.

I can create a custom build with the online tool on the UI Bootstrap website, which will create a minified and non-minified JS file containing only the components I selected, without overhead.

However, I don't want to use the online tool to compile my custom version of UI Bootstrap, instead I want to compile my own version locally, preferably using the tools I already use; Bower, Grunt and NPM.

So my question: How can I create my own version of UI Bootstrap locally?

bower install angular-ui-bootstrap, and then calling Grunt build in bower_components/angular-ui-bootstrap creates a UI Bootstrap build that includes all modules, there's probably a way to do the same with only a subset of the modules, but I could not figure this out.


It can be done by using the following command

grunt build:moduleName1:moduleName2:moduleName3....:moduleNameN

For example if you require the build to contain only tabs and buttons module , then the grunt command will be like

grunt build:tabs:buttons

The generated files will be present in dist folder

For the list of module names , check all folder names in src folder

The documentation for this is sparse , but if you check the Gruntfile.js , where they register the build task , they mention about how to build modules selectively


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