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Stop Log from Outputting in py2neo


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How can I stop py2neo from spitting out each created relationship/node, like the following:

(http://localhost:7474/db/data/' ref=u'relationship/13441' start=u'node/13446' end=u'node/3' type=u'IN' properties={}>,)

As encouraged by this page, when I set the below line to OFF


I silence logging when I call a function which creates the relationship/node. However, if I directly create something (graph.create(...) in my main, then I still see this print to the console.


If you are talking about running Graph.create from a Python console then the value you see is the return value from the method, not a log entry.

Note also that the logging setting you refer to is for the server, not the driver.


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I am searching in Neo4j using a regular expression. I would like this search to be global. As it stands, the search will only find words that start with inputted letters in the regular expression: MATCH (a) WHERE a.name =~ '(?i)bob.+' RETURN a.name So it will find the name Bob...

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I am just starting out with Neo4j and this is my first stackoverflow question! I tried to run the Hello-World example in Eclipse with the user library of Neo4j. ( https://github.com/neo4j/neo4j/blob/2.2.2/community/embedded-examples/src/main/java/org/neo4j/examples/EmbeddedNeo4j.java) I only changed the DB_PATH='data/graph.db' ( because in my neo4j-server.properties :org.neo4j.server.database.location=data/graph.db) The output I got in the console is:...

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Is using a tree with a counter on the root node, to be referenced and incremented when creating new nodes, a viable way of managing unique IDs in Neo4j? In a previous question on performance on this forum (Neo4j merge performance VS create/set), the approach was described, and it occurred...

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$ git log --oneline 05f1c3b master: Modified 1.txt f7433e0 Updated by master e30dff9 Modified 1.txt 82ebf7a Modified 1.txt cbb2785 master: Added 4.txt after rebase branch was created 980a5d6 b1: Added 1.txt badc046 Resolved merge conflict 47a2d78 Mods by b2 c3eb61e Added by b1 9378e3d 1ST commit The following shows nothing:...

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