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What is that notification's in the notification center called? Is it just notifications?

How to view it: After a notification shows up: ignore the notification, go to the watch home screen, go to the clock app screen, drag from the top to the bottom of the screen to see the notification center.

We will see a notification with the title and the alertBody of the notification. When we click on that notification it will take us to a (Static) long look notification. What is that notification called int he center?


I don't believe they have a special name, it's just notifications.

If you are talking about dragging from the bottom to the top, you'll see a list of Glances. However, these have nothing to do with the notifications directly (the developer might have these display the latest information, which might be the same as in the notification, but they're not directly related)


Can't get launchOptions data from didFinishLaunchingWithOptions function

My app needs to get some data from Remotenotification in order to push first page to the specific page like FACEBOOK app but now I can't get launchOptions data from didFinishLaunchingWithOptions function it always show: Cannot invoke 'objectForKey' with an argument list of type '(String)'. func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions:...

iOS 8: unicode of death, how does it work?

Once sent by message to an iPhone, the victim's device will turn off. (I was skeptical about it but I tried it and the code worked.) This is the an image of the message from Cult of Mac: Can someone tell me how does it work and why?...

iOS Notification Center Registration

I want to make a game that tests out local notifications. In iOS 8, the code involves these steps: Make a UIMutableUserNotificationCategory object that is the category of custom actions you want to implement. Make up to 4 custom actions by using UIMutableUserNotificationAction instances. Call setActions:forContext: to set up custom...

Is Apple app reject my app if my app redirected to settings page?

If my app have a button and it will redirected to the iPhone settings page then is apple reject my app from review ? if any one have answer or any apple support link which have written this rejection reason then please provide me. ...

iOS Push Notifications Localization

I would like to know what is the default behaviour of silent push notifications when the app is on foreground. Will it still display an alert view or not? When localising the alert message : "alert" : { "body" : "Start the game Jenna" "loc-key" : "", "loc-args" : [...

In-House iOS App Distribution - kind of APNS certificate?

Which kind of APNS certificate should we use for In-House App Distribution? Sandbox or production certificate? And is there an official documentation for that?

Apple Watch notification center

What is that notification's in the notification center called? Is it just notifications? How to view it: After a notification shows up: ignore the notification, go to the watch home screen, go to the clock app screen, drag from the top to the bottom of the screen to see the...

How to send silent push to iOS via Google Cloud Messaging

How to send silent push notification to iOS application over GCM? Silent push is notification that will not appear in notification center, but awake application to do some action in background. Google introduce new features in new GCM with possibility to send push messages to Android, Chrome and iOS. Any...

iOS : How to test app on real device without spend $99 buying an account[using Xcode7] [on hold]

I am a new iOS developer. I am not rich , I wonder can I test my app on real device without spending $99 buying an account? Update I mean how to use Xcode7 to do this ? (step-by-step tutorial will be better Thx!)...

Can the iPhone be virtualized?

I'm currently using the iOS simulator that comes with xcode but it has limitations. I'd like to have a virtualized version of the iPhone, as close as possible to the real thing in all aspects. Does such software exist to do this? I search but nothing came up. Thanks, John

Javascript: OS-depending Redirects doesn't work for IOS

i've got a pretty simple Javascript for redirecting a specific URL to an app in Google-Play-Store/iOS-Store or show an URL for desktop users depending on the client's opersting system. For the ios case the redirect is not being executed, can anyone explain what the problem is? (alert before redirect is...

Not able to strip password from private key

I am following this blog to create a mdm server link. In the 7th step they are stripping password from the private key by running this command openssl rsa -in key.pem -out private.key But when I run this command on my terminal I am getting error unable to load Private...

Find iOS appNames to launch via javascript

I've searched and found that to open "facebook" it is: window.location = "fb://"; /* It works fine */ Instead of: window.location = "facebook://"; /* It doesn't work */ The problem is: I need to open an app like "facebook", but I don't know how to find the appName like "fb"...

Xcode can't export enterprise app

I'm just having a problem with exporting an iOS app for distribution, when I try to export it and get to the stage where it tries to connect to the developer portal in order to fetch the list of teams I get the following error: There was an error while...

Can an app in beta external testing be updated?

Is it possible to upload a new build to iTunes connect and update an app that is currently being tested by external beta testers without disrupting their testing? I'm worried that updating the app will require me to remove the previous version of the app they have on their device,...

iOS UILocalNotification only makes a sound (no alert) when app is not running

I'm using remote notifications to wake up my app and conditionally trigger a UILocalNotification. I've found that if this notification is triggered while the app is not running, all I get is the notification sound (no alert/notification). It works as expected if the app is in the background. Registering for...

Apple developer push notifications APN certificate revoked due to overuse(banned by Apple)?

I recently started using Apples APN for push notifications. I have all the certificates and the keys correct, and right now im using the developer sandbox platform. Everything was working perfectly, but due to a mistake in one of my scripts, there was a stream of many(around 1 request per...

Custom sound remote push notification iOS not working

I'm trying to change the sound of the remote message I've added the file into my project, see picture 1 I've also added everything into my AppDelegate. In the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions I've added: if (UIDevice.currentDevice().systemVersion as NSString).floatValue >= 8.0 { UIApplication.sharedApplication().registerUserNotificationSettings(UIUserNotificationSettings(forTypes: .Sound | .Alert | .Badge, categories: nil)) UIApplication.sharedApplication().registerForRemoteNotifications() } else...

Launch app in background automatically?

Is there a way to persist an iOS app in the background such that it starts up automatically when the device is turned on and will re-launch later if terminated? I have read a few posts on either voip and gps services. My app sends emergency SMS messages with the...

Xcode 6.3: Estimated app's store size

After archiving an app. version and on the organiser window there was a button, clicking it calculates and displays the estimated size of the app. on the store. In this version, 6.3, that button disappeared! Is there still a way to know the estimated app. size?...

Metadata rejected about demo account

I have an app and It has login system with sending sms verification code. Apple rejected my app because of didn't send them to demo account but my sms verification system doesn't support foreign country. When I create them an account, they wouldn't get a verification code and they won't...

will push notifications with Production-SSL certificate work when I'm still testing my app? How can I know it will work?

My push notifications are working fine with the sandbox model. I just verified that the production ssl certificate is working both with direct SSL-connection and with AWS SNS. However, my device is still producing the same push token as it produced for the sandbox, and this token is not working...

Payload for the Watch App Notification

When creating a new Apple Watch App in Xcode, the following APNS payload example is created: { "aps": { "alert": { "body": "Test message", "title": "Optional title" }, "category": "myCategory" }, "WatchKit Simulator Actions": [ { "title": "First Button", "identifier": "firstButtonAction" } ], "customKey": "Use this file to define a...

Implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'unsigned long' to 'int' (causes app to crash)

I am working through a tutorial that I found online and received the issue: Implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'unsigned long' to 'int' I have looked through some of the other post and haven't found one that helped me yet. I am new to programming and I would greatly appreciate...

How to receive APNS for some actions and for some not

In some apps like QuizUp, there is a section in Settings (in the app), Push Notifications and the user can tell if he wants to receive APNS for, lets say new friend request, but to turn off for new challenge. How can I achieve that within the app?

Facebook login reloads in the Captive Network Portal

We created a page which allows the user to connect to Facebook, but when this page is opened in the Captive Network Portal from Apple the login.php-page from Facebook keeps reloading.

Issue in converting p12 file to pem file

I'm following this tutorial for push notifications. I'd done all the steps in that page. i'd created p12 file and cer file and i converted cer file to pem successfully. But, while converting p12 file to pem file it's asking for Enter Import Password, Which password should I enter there?...

How to obtain email address associated to Apple's ID

I'm doing a Swift App and I Want to know the email associated to the Apple ID who downloaded/bought the application to use it to identificate himself or herself. So for instance, if a person buy my app, he will be the unique person who can login/register because it will...

Azure Notification Hub Max payload length

Is there any documentation where I can find how notification hub keep consistency over all platforms for payload length? I mean that: In iOS 8 and later, the maximum size allowed for a notification payload is 2 kilobytes; Apple Push Notification service refuses any notification that exceeds this limit. (Prior...

Push notification showing before background refresh finished (using Push with background refresh)

I am trying to set up my app so when a push is received it first fetches the new messages before showing the push notification. In my push notification I have content-available = 1 set and also the switches enabled in the Plist. I have implemented: - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didReceiveRemoteNotification:(NSDictionary...

Is there any open source tool for distributing .ipa or apk file (enterprise .ipa file) without pushing on Appstore or play store

I just would like to know, is there any possible ways for sending enterprise .ipa (Not developer or ad-hoc or app-store) through any open source tool. If yes please suggest me that tool or software. Actually flow is like we will send the .ipa file to the users by email...

How to display Apple San Francisco's numbers mono-spaced rather than proportionally?

I've recently installed El Capitan on OSX, which comes with the new San Franciso font as system font. The apple presentation here (Bit of an overview here: states that, by default, numbers are displayed proportionally. They do allow to switch to displaying them mono-spaced (at least in their...

My iOS Application doesn't show in Settings/Notification Center

Problem: I have Iphone 6s 64GB, running iOS 8.3, and my app doesn't show in the notification center. I tried all previous suggestions of deleting the apps, turn phone off, then on, wait 5 minutes, reinstall app thru Xcode, launch the app again, and still my app does not show...

How can I change my Apple ID from Agent to Free?

I have an Apple developer account to make Safari extensions, and I would like to try iOS app now that it is free. The problem is that I am listed as an agent: I searched everywhere but can't find how to change it from agent to free....

While queueing notifications with PushSharp nothing happens at all

I tried to send Apple push notification with PushSharp library like that: public class Push { private readonly PushBroker _push; private static Push _instance; public static Push Instance { get { return _instance ?? (_instance = new Push()); } } public Push() { _push = new PushBroker(); _push.OnNotificationSent += new...

How to find out the Icon Badge count?

I'm using push notifications on my iOS app and everything is working great. The icon badge is working and when I open the app I clear it with this code: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setApplicationIconBadgeNumber: 0]; But before clearing it I would like to find out what is the badge count to...

iOS version affecting app download

I recently submitted an app to the app store and it was approved, however it appears that I'm almost the only one that can download it. I've asked family and friends to download it on their devices but they just get a message saying something along the lines of "iOS...

Issues with connecting with apple APNS using perl

I am using a library(Net::APNS::Persistent) that uses Net::SSLeay. This library helps to communicate with Apples APNS servers. I found if I send any bad data for example wrong token or poorly formatted payload, the program terminates after three tries. And it shows no error message. As per my debugging this...

Swift - Issue trying to access to Singleton object

This is my first question on StackOverflow, I'll try to be specific. I am trying to implement the Singleton pattern on my app, without success so far. When I try to access to my Singleton, it seems that the program is not accessing the real singleton, but a copy of...

Show uiviewcontroller from remote notification when app is quited

I'm trying to show a specific viewcontroller when I receive a remote push notification. I've added all of my code into the method didReceiveRemoteNotification: func application(application: UIApplication, didReceiveRemoteNotification userinfo: [NSObject: AnyObject]) I've added following code: func application(application: UIApplication, didReceiveRemoteNotification userInfo: [NSObject : AnyObject]) { let code = (userInfo["aps"] as! [String:...

Fixing custom font vertical position. Apple Font Tool Suite not available anymore?

I followed the link in Fonts, and I'm redirected to the downloads site. There I can´t find the Apple Font Suite Tool package, has it been renamed? Or it doesn't longer exist? Thanks EDIT: I'm using custom fonts in my iOS app, and it seems that they add a vertical...

Pull notifications from web server to iOS device when app is backgrounded

I would like to be able to make location and app state requests when the app is in the background. I know that you can have different background modes registered for the app. Is it possible for my web server to send a push notification to an iOS device and...

sending passbook update with pushsharp

I'm trying to test talking to apple's push notification sandbox server. I made a certificate following this link (enabled push notification, requested certificate authority, uploaded, generated cert, export p12) I made a sample C# console application that looks like the following PushBroker push = new PushBroker(); var appleCert = File.ReadAllBytes(@"devapns.p12");...

didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken doesn't return deviceToken

I am registering for push notifications through Parse this way: func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [NSObject: AnyObject]?) -> Bool { Parse.setApplicationId("RfSGbVes0FGIX1sfxTEb3iybVsKgKPrfDuxco3vC", clientKey: "3pFBMar6vO6iUJouqTMt4VJVKZaXUc6p9RgHzTep") if application.applicationState != UIApplicationState.Background { let preBackgroundPush = !application.respondsToSelector("backgroundRefreshStatus") let oldPushHandlerOnly =...

Unable to submit App with Auto-Renewable Subscriptions for a non Newsstand App

I have never had a problem submitting a non Newsstand App with Auto-Renewable Subscriptions. But I just started seeing this error when I try to submit app for review: Free and Auto-Renewable In-App Purchase subscriptions are only available for apps with Newsstand enabled. Remove this In-App Purchase before you disable...

Should client buy apple developer account to submi app to store?

If I need to submit app on app store for client should I ask client to buy developer account so I can upload it for him through xcode?

How to handle push notification when app is in background but not suspended

My app receiving push notification, and showing appropriate info message for that. However when I'm clicking to the message, application becomes active but application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions is not getting called which is right i think, since the application is not suspended and it just resigns active. The question is how i...

Using Sandbox servers with apns

What is the difference between using Apple's sandbox servers or not with push notifications? For example: apns = APNs(use_sandbox=True, cert_file='cert.pem', key_file='key.pem') vs. apns = APNs(use_sandbox=False, cert_file='cert.pem', key_file='key.pem') Why would someone care if they are using Apple's sandbox servers or not? Is there an actual reason why it should be used...

I accepted “Apple Developer Program License Agreement ”, but it is not hide [closed]

I accepted "Apple Developer Program License Agreement" in the Member Center, but the notification is not hide in the iTunes Connect. I don't have in the Member Center any License Agreement in this moment. What do I do? It includes following Agreements, Tax, and Banking Review the Paid Applications Schedule....