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Supplier login when using spree-drop-ship


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I'm working on a marketplace website. The idea is to allow for suppliers to login, add their products, view orders, generate reports etc.

I'm using Spree Commerce, and I see everyone suggesting to use spree-drop-ship extension to achieve all/part of above.(it's not really clear from the documentation, all the features that spree-drop-ship is supposed to add)

I've followed 'demo' instructions from https://github.com/spree-contrib/spree_drop_ship and successfully installed spree with the dropship extension, I can see 'suppliers' tab in /admin page. BUT I don't understand how the suppliers are supposed to login. They don't appear to be special user(actually I can't see in Users any supplier), and also when creating new supplier there is no way to set a password.

So my question is, how are supplier supposed to login, i.e. how they/I create supplier user and set password.

Thank you in advance, - Jack

Note: I know there is also 'marketplace' extension, which is not maintained anymore by @JDutil, but from what I understand it was solving payment issues to the dropshipper.


For this you just need to signup as normal user then from admin panel, from suppliers tab admin can assign a user as supplier. Hope it is helpful for you.


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