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ehCache Statistics with spring boot


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I have spring boot application with ehcache as below

public EhCacheManagerFactoryBean ehCacheManagerFactoryBean() {

    EhCacheManagerFactoryBean ehCacheManagerFactoryBean = new EhCacheManagerFactoryBean();
    ehCacheManagerFactoryBean.setConfigLocation(new ClassPathResource("ehcache.xml"));
    return ehCacheManagerFactoryBean;

public EhCacheCacheManager cacheManager() {
    return new EhCacheCacheManager(ehCacheManagerFactoryBean().getObject());

I also put @EnableCaching on root configuration file

for ehcache.xml i have the below

<ehcache xmlns:xsi=""
 updateCheck="true" monitoring="autodetect" dynamicConfig="true">

<diskStore path="" />

<defaultCache maxEntriesLocalHeap="10000" eternal="false"
    timeToIdleSeconds="120" timeToLiveSeconds="120" maxEntriesLocalDisk="10000000"
    diskExpiryThreadIntervalSeconds="120" statistics="true">

<cache name="mediumCache"
       memoryStoreEvictionPolicy="LFU" statistics="true"

<cache name="highCache"
       memoryStoreEvictionPolicy="LFU" statistics="true"


Every thing is good and my cachable function are working good , now i want to see the statistics with spring-actuator in metric .

How can we do that ?


If you can afford to use a snapshot release of spring boot this feature is being added to 1.3.0. Right now you won't get that in 1.2.X


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