unit-testing,grails , Grails 2.4.4 generated controller test fails

Grails 2.4.4 generated controller test fails


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I have test for the save action of a controller. It just executes the action with correct params, but the problem is on the redirectedUrl line: it is null.

Using the app, after saving the domain instance, I get the redirection to the show action and the show view is rendered correctly.

Any clues of what's the problem here?

The controller:

@Transactional(readOnly = true)
class FolderController {

    static allowedMethods = [save: "POST", update: "PUT", delete: "DELETE"]

    def save(Folder folderInstance) {

        if (folderInstance == null) {

        if (folderInstance.ehrId)
           def ehr = ehr.Ehr.get(folderInstance.ehrId)
           ehr.directory = folderInstance

        if (folderInstance.hasErrors()) {
            respond folderInstance.errors, view:'create'

        folderInstance.save flush:true

        request.withFormat {
            form multipartForm {
                flash.message = message(code: 'default.created.message', args: [message(code: 'folder.label', default: 'Folder'), folderInstance.id])
                redirect folderInstance
            '*' { respond folderInstance, [status: CREATED] }

The test:

class FolderControllerSpec extends Specification {

    void "Test the save action correctly persists an instance"() {

        when:"The save action is executed with a valid instance"
            def folder = new Folder(params)

            println folder.errors // no errors

        then:"A redirect is issued to the show action"
            response.redirectedUrl == '/folder/show/1'
            controller.flash.message != null
            Folder.count() == 1

The output:

junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Condition not satisfied:

response.redirectedUrl == '/folder/show/1'
|        |             |
|        null          false
org.codeh[email protected]112b2f1

    at directory.FolderControllerSpec.Test the save action correctly persists an instance(FolderControllerSpec.groovy:61)


I forgot to add the allowedMethods field.

The first problem was that the generated tests doesn't sets the right request method for the correspondent actions, so to call .save() this is needed: controller.request.method = "POST"

Then what @user1690588 suggested (request.format = 'form') did the trick to get the right redirectedUrl.

My final test looks like this:

void "Test the save action correctly persists an instance"() {

    when:"The save action is executed with a valid instance"
        def folder = new Folder(params)

        controller.request.method = "POST"
        request.format = 'form'


    then:"A redirect is issued to the show action"
        response.redirectedUrl == '/folder/show/1'
        controller.flash.message != null
        Folder.count() == 1


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