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CMPedometer is not running


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My CMPedometer is not running.

The code before it and after it gets run, but it itself does not work. I get no warning or exception. I'm testing it on a real 5s.

I've tried both querydata and startpedometerupdates.

I am importing core motion and the library is linked.

Any help?

if ([CMPedometer isStepCountingAvailable] == YES)
    CMPedometer *cmped;
    [cmped queryPedometerDataFromDate:start toDate:[NSDate date] withHandler:^(CMPedometerData *pedometerData, NSError *error){
        stepslabel.text = [pedometerData.numberOfSteps stringValue];



It seems really odd but I got it working by not declaring in the .h or before using it. What worked was declaring as @property CMPedometer *cmped; right after interface


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