codekit,sweet.js , Does CodeKit support the sweet.js compilation?

Does CodeKit support the sweet.js compilation?


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I am just wondering if CodeKit supports the compilation of Sweet.js files ?


Not directly. You could possibly set up your own hook and run a custom shell script when a JavaScript file changes.


Can Sass @warn or @debug directives be viewed in CodeKit?

For example, in a sass file that's compiled on save using compass: @warn 'this is a warning' @debug 'debugging info' I don't see anything returned from these directives in the compile log. I've made sure my config.rb has sass_options = {:quiet => false}....

Test emails locally with mamp

First thing first, i'm totally new to this kind of localhost server setup and i've been spending the last couple of days trying to figure this out, but with no luck. I'm developing a php website with an email form. I'm on a MAC using codekit and MAMP FREE and...

What to do about sweet.js renaming top-level variables in Typescript output?

Typescript compiles class ClassName { } to var ClassName = function () { function ClassName() { } return ClassName; }(); I run that JS code through sweet.js, which even when there are no macros defined, produces something like this: var ClassName$659 = function () { function ClassName$663() { } return...

Lazy evaluation macro with Sweet.js

I just got in JavaScript and noticed that lazy evaluation is not directly supported in this language. Natively the code turns into the hell of boiler plate like this: function lazy(f) { var v = undefined; return function() { if (v == undefined) v = f(); return v; } }...

Importing .kit file (variables) into .kit file (css)

I'm using a .kit file to hold variables to make it easy to change up as a template. Importing the .kit file into my index.html file has no issues, but in order for the variables to also work in my css file, I have to import it there as well...

CodeKit: @codekit-prepend not working

I am trying to combine Javascript files via CodeKit using the in-file statement @codekit-prepend. Even though all the paths are correct and all the files exist CodeKit does not resolve the in-file statements. Is there anything missing? ...