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Are there google apis to update a google sheet


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I want to listen to calendar events and update cells in the google sheet.

I have found apis for calendar but are there any apis available to update cells in google sheet ?



You can use the Google Sheets API. But you are probably better off using Apps Script to access Calendar and Sheets.


Copy Row if Sheet1 A contains part of Sheet2 C

So I'm trying to pull the data in a row from a separate sheet (sheet2!), if part of Col A has the the Date that is in sheet1! C1. Col A ex: "Build 251 at Fri Jun 12 03:03:49 2015" Col C1 ex: "Fri Jun 12" (Changes date every couple...

Google spreadsheet script authorisation to BigQuery

I have a Google spreadsheet with a script that connects to BigQuery (using this tutorial - It adds an extra menu option and users can run the script that executes a query to BigQuery. It works fine for me and I want to share this spreadsheet with other users...

Prevent users from creating new sheets in a shared google spreadsheet

I have created a spreadsheet with all sheets protected from editing except for a single cell, where the user is supposed to enter a search value, which filters the sheet. I shared the spreadsheet with enabled editing to allow for that, but that also enables users to create new sheets,...

Extract matching data from varying number of row

I am trying to build graphic indicators from a (potentially) large set of data using google-spreadsheet. So far, I've used a pivot table to extract the information from the raw data, and I want to build intermediate tables to calculate the different values I need for my indicators. So far,...

Conditionally formatting multiple rows with the same conditions

I am looking to format 500+ rows of data and essentially, G5-K5 (in every row) needs to be highlighted a light color (any color) if J5 equals "Regular". This same condition will exist in every row, so it should be simple - but I am not an excel master by...

Providing login_hint option for Google Oauth2 redirect

I'm passing in login_hint=1 option as part of Oauth2 request query string but this doesn't appear when I receive a callback from Google Oauth2 after accepting it. I'm only getting: google/oauth2callback?code=4/vadsdaalijfqwo8fdjqojcxadassddsa# I was expecting 1 (which is user id) to come back as part of callback. How do I make...

SPLIT using “ ” delimiter in Google Sheets won't always preserve period following number

I'm using the SPLIT function to divide text around white spaces (" ") in strings. However, the output is inconsistent when a number is immediately followed by a period. Column A below contains strings, and column B the function =SPLIT(A1," ") copied down: Note how cell B1 does not contain...

Google Sheets API for clickable images in Google Sheets

In Google sheets, you can insert a clickable image to a cell which links to a function in app script. Can we also insert this clickable image and link it to app script from our server using Google Spreadsheet API? Or Can we call app script from our server?

Increment count in column based on value in column

I've 2 columns A and B. A contains names and B contains the count of those names. Ex: let A1 have value "fruits". Then B1 must have value 1 because this is first time "fruits" is present in A. Next A2 has "flowers", and B2 will have 1 against "flowers"....

Hide referrer header in API request

I need to make requests to Google Translate Text-To-Speech API. I have an enabled key but keep getting blocked by No Access-Control-Allow-Origin. I've posted more about it here: Google Translate API - No Access Control Origin with Text to Speech The following sources, and Request to Google Text-To-Speech API...

Change/replace part of an URL contained WITHIN a function

Not sure if this is even possible. But ideally, I'd like visitors to my site to be able to type a unique identification number in an input field, click submit, and have another script replace the Google sheet reference ("DATA1") with their own ID number. So, effectively change the queried...

finished with non-zero exit value 2 when I use google login api

I want to access the google account to login my app,and I get: Error:Execution failed for task ':app:dexDebug'. > org.gradle.process.internal.ExecException: Process 'command '/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_40.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java'' finished with non-zero exit value 2 My build.grade: apply plugin: '' android { compileSdkVersion 22 buildToolsVersion '22.0.1' defaultConfig { applicationId "" minSdkVersion 15 targetSdkVersion 21...

Convert from base 10 to base 3

I have a whole column in Google sheets with the numbers 1-400. Is there an easy way to convert these numbers to base 3?

Ignore #VALUE! error in SORT function

I have the following columns of data and would like to combine them while deleting any duplicates. I am currently using this formula: =sort(unique(transpose(split(join(";",A:A)&join(";",B:B),";"))),1,TRUE) The desired outcome would be: A 1. a 2. c 3. d 4. f 5. h 6. i 7. n 8. r 9. s However, due...

How to upload a data frame into a Google Spreadsheet

I would like to upload a data frame into one particular workingsheet within a spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheet using: googlesheets library Usually, its possible to upload a whole spreadsheet using the: upload_ss("data.xlsx", sheet_title = "Year", verbose = TRUE) or individual sheets with either Year <- Year %>% edit_cells(input =...

Google Spreadsheet setBackgroundColors() “Deprecated”

A gs I have been using in the past to check for duplicates, is no longer working. The script would check all cells in the spread sheet if any were identical it would highlight all their occurrences green. I also had another function that would revert all the cells back...

Function to check for first blank cell

so, I'm attempting to define a custom function that returns the row number of the first blank cell it finds within a custom range. function checkForBlank(startRow,startCol) { var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var sheet = ss.getSheets()[0]; var checkRow = startRow; var checkCol = startCol; var range = sheet.getRange(checkRow, checkCol); var i...

Google Spreadsheet (Using named range in script)

Trying to get my script to use a named range. In that range I am trying to reset the cell colors back to white. I keep getting an object error, can't figure out how to make this work. function resetCheckDirectory() { var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var tableRange = ss.getRangeByName("rangename"); tableRange.setBackgrounds("#FFF");...

How to get Google Sheet data into a HTML page using jQuery/Javascript?

Is there a way to obtain Google spreadsheets data into a HTML page using jQuery/Javascript? I couldn't find any examples/resources regarding the same on the Google sheets v3.0 API page. Could anyone help? I have tried to get the sheets feed using the following request GET

How can I exclude a sheet in an array, and sort with a range

Good Morning everyone I have a code that was posted here a while back, I recently started using for a google spreadsheet and tweaked it a bit, how ever there are 2 thigs I have not been able to accomplish the first thing is to Exclude the Master sheet from...

Macro or other solution in excel to automate interaction of data in two worksheets to come up with a third worksheet

I have no idea where to start with this problem (may be due to poor knowledge of terminology). I have two worksheets which I will put up in Google Sheets which I'd like to generate a third worksheet for (also in the same Google Sheets file). I'd like to...

Counting values embedded in strings inside a column (Google Spreadsheets)

I have a Google Survey where I created some multiple choice questions. Now, I am trying to count the responses. [A] [B] [Response#] [Selections] [1] [Apple,Orange,Banana] [2] [Orange,Banana] [3] [Apple,Orange,Banana] [4] [Banana] [5] [Apple,Banana] [6] [Apple,Orange] . So on my summary spreadsheet, I would like to have the totals: [Favorite...

unable to add callback: cannot be converted to ConnectionCallbacks

I am trying to add call back to my googleApiClient with addConnectionCallbacks mPlusClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(this).addConnectionCallbacks(this).addOnConnectionFailedListener(this).addApi(Plus.API).addScope(Plus.SCOPE_PLUS_LOGIN).build(); but i am getting this error: Error:(85, 81) error: incompatible types: PlusBaseActivity cannot be converted to ConnectionCallbacks I am gotten this code from an online tutorial but it doesnt seems to work, please help....

How to access gmail API?

I generate my JWT, if my token is correct why dont work ? in Google Developers Console i enabled gmail plus youtube and other API, in credentials generate and download json { "private_key_id": "22dcf", "private_key": "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----(remove)-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n", "client_email": "[email protected]", "client_id": "", "type": "service_account" } first generate token...

How to use nextPageToken in Google Apps Reseller API?

I am writing a simple Java application that fetches all customer subscriptions from Google Apps Reseller using the Reseller API. However I am stuck at paging through the results as the max size is 100 per page and I cannot figure out the next page token. Here is the code...

Why this google font is not working?

Have this line on my label and is working properly on a Debian server under Apache, but when I uploaded it to my production server (Debian with Apache too) i cannot get the Open Sans Condensed font. <link href=',300,300italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> Here's the entire : <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <meta...

Making an iOS authorised Google API call

I have integrated Google Sign-in into my iOS app and retrieved the access tokens after signing in. I am now wanting to make authorised API calls to Google, but am unsure how to do this to include the token. Can someone please share some code that I can use to...

I want to upload video on youtube using client side login. without open web page permission

When I upload video to YouTube using client side login. The first time redirect to UI for permissions. I want upload without redirect to web page. I need to execute this code on server. Here is my code. private async Task<string> Run(string title, string description, string filepath) { var videoID...

Annotation chart google function after rangechange

I'm using the annotation chart and the map from google api, I would like to know if there's anyway to trigger a function after the range change when the user's clic releases. I just find this, 'rangechange', feed_with_chartMap); in the documentation but the function is not only called when...

Limited number of rows returned from Google spreadsheet and the Sheets Api

I have a spreadsheet on Google Drive with 571 rows that I read from an other application. I call it using the Google.GData.Spreadsheets 2.2.0 lib and the following piece of simplified code. static void Main(string[] args) { var certificate = new X509Certificate2("Key.p12", "blahblah", X509KeyStorageFlags.Exportable); const string user = "[email protected]"; var...

Google Logging API - What service name to use when writing entries from non-Google application?

I am trying to use Google Cloud Logging API to write log entries from a web application I'm developing (happens to be .net). To do this, I must use the logging.projects.logs.entries.write request. This request dictates that I provide a serviceName argument: { "entries": [ { "textPayload": "test", "metadata": { "serviceName":...

Javascript (Google Scripts) value from a function is not returning

I think could be a simple one to solve, I am stuck working this simple issue out. I have called a createEvent function to create a google calendar event. As part of this function I also get the google calendar event ID as EventId and want to return it. For...

Google Spreadsheet custom function to add csv in spreadsheet

I am using Google spreadsheets, and in my google spreadsheet i want to import data from my RESTful web service. I cant use =IMPORTDATA due to the fact that i need to add a header to the url for auth purposes. This is the custom function i have so far:...

Google Identity Toolkit returns INVALID_CREDENTIALS

I'm currently trying to implement a forgot password feature using the Google Identity Toolkit. The PHP backend is trying to get the oob code because client (iOS) does not have sufficient privileges. Whenever I run the script I get an error of INVALID_CREDENTIALS, more specifically: oob Code: string(249) "{ "error":...

Output Google Spreadsheet to XML/RSS/Atom using Google AppScript Content Service

So I've searched this site and found nothing really useful so far to accomplish this. I am wanting to turn a spreadsheet into an RSS feed using google script content service. How do I declare column values (i.e. pubDate, Author, Content) so it will output correct RSS/Atom feed. Following their...

Google sheet app script errors after laptop sleep

I have a custom function in a sheet that calls a mysql database. It extracts one value from mysql per row, e.g. | A | B -------------------------------- 1 | YES | =readCompleteFromMember(A1) 2 | NO | =readCompleteFromMember(A2) If I let my laptop go to sleep and open it the next...

Getting user credentials using Google+ API

I am trying to include Google sign in in my android application using Google+ Api. I am able to take account details from the user but once signed in I am getting null when requesting for username using call: Plus.PeopleApi.getCurrentPerson(mGoogleApiClient).getDisplayName() And Logcat shows: BasicNetwork.performRequest: Unexpected response code 403 for

Unable to implement Google API 'Search using a specific app'

I am trying to implement the 'Search using a specific app' functionality as per the android documentation. But I am unable to get it working. This is my query 'Ok google, search for xyz on helloapp' Following is my implementation. I have added meta data which is not required, but...

Automatically export incoming emails from Outlook to existing Google spreadsheet [closed]

Is it possible at all to automatically export incoming emails from Outlook to existing Google spreadsheet (and be able to edit the spreadsheet, insert new data)? If it is so, where would you start? We want to manage our inbox this way and keep track of assignments. Thank you!...

If Statement Not Working on Google Spreadsheets

Can anyone explain why this returns false when I try to equate the two? The two are exactly the same. I'm basically trying to do a validation here and make sure the numbers match up. I want to check if cell B4 equals cell L2 on a different spreadsheet. The...

What is the difference between Android API and Google API?

I have gone through some of the links that difference between the Google API and android API.I have not got clear explanation.Anyone Can you help me please?

how i create a formula of payment using weeknum formula

i need to calculate paymant of this people in the same week like you see in this spreadsheet I used WEEKNUM formula to extract the number of week using the data in column A ..for example "anselmi" earned 16 in week 24...... thanks

Google Sheets Adds-on open automatically when user opens a sheet or clicks a link in worksheet

I created an google sheets add-on. However, it is a bit hidden in the adds-on menu. Is there a way to enable the Adds-on automatically when user opens a sheet or when user clicks a link in a sheet? I searched on Google Sheets documentation but found nothing. EDIT1: Since...

How to get the last entry containing a certain value in Google Spreadsheet

I have an answer spreadsheet linked to a Google form. I wish to get the last date that and answer was submitted. Lets say I my entries look like this : DATA : A B 1 Date String 2 2015-05-09 Abb 3 2015-05-11 Bcc 4 2015-05-12 Cdd 5 2015-05-20 Bcc...

Google Developer API V3 for video upload in YouTube

I have been using google's reputed API V2 for uploading the videos on YouTube from my web application as there has been up gradation in API to V3 , I am unable to upload the same through the same code. I have tried with the new application for uploading the...

Google Form to Document Merge to Pdf to Mail

I think my issue is in the e.values I am using along with the ('keyXXXXX', XXXXX); that I am using. The original code I used was something I borrowed from TJ Houston's site. I am using it for an application process. I wrote the code following the process of using...

Google Scripts + Google API PHP

I am trying to call one of my Google Scripts from my google-api-php-client and I can't find how to do this. I deployed my app as a web app, and I got the web app url which I can call with curl, but I need to call it as my...

How to create a script to query Google Browserlocation

I'm trying to figure out a way to get geolocation data from Google's Browser location API. I found JSON, CURL and Google's geolocation, and have it working as far as list of access points in range, but my limited cli-fu won't let me parse this into something I can send...

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: baseUri

I am using Google BigQuery API with Service Account Authorization in C# console application. When i am trying to load CSV job, it throws "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: baseUri" Exception. It specific on only single table, when i am changing the table name it all gets work. Here...

Freebase Search API - Get All Results

Is it possible now to get all results from Freebase Search API? Today I was trying 2 approaches in Java: 1)" Using "cursor"(integer) and "limit" options. 2) Try to simulate 'Query Editor' ( Using "cursor" from the previous results set (String). But in both of these approaches I...