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Delete all conflicts in pouchDB


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my problem is to sync between pouch and couchDB. I will manage to get my documents from couchDb and check in the pouch if there is already an existing document. So, if we have a conflict I want so solve the conflict on the client-side. But I don't know how to check if there is a conflict or not. Is there any way to check the pouchDb for given conflicts (after inserting or during inserting documents) and solve them.



You can use the pouch-resolve-conflicts plugin, which offers a simple API for resolving conflicts. :)

And yes, you need to do it individually for all docs. So you can do an allDocs() beforehand in order to fetch them.


PouchDB structure

i am new with nosql concept, so when i start to learn PouchDB, i found this conversion chart. My confusion is, how PouchDB handle if lets say i have multiple table, does it mean that i need to create multiple databases? Because from my understanding in pouchdb a database can...

Couchdb filter using reduce functions/linked documents

Considering: doc profile { _id:"1", name:"john", likes: ["2222","1111"] } doc likes { _id:"2222", value:"true" } { _id:"1111", value:"false" } I have a filter on my xamarin app to get the profile, and it works well but I need to include the "children" (linked) docs... I can do this with a...

Couchdb disk size 10x aggregrate document size

I have a couchdb with ~16,000 similar documents of about 500 bytes each. The stats for the db report (commas added): "disk_size":73,134,193,"data_size":7,369,551 Why is the disk size 10x the data_size? I would expect, if anything, for the disk size to be smaller as I am using the default (snappy) compression...

IndexedDB User Permissions

Good day, all I read on this page [Using IndexedDB]: that browser will prompt user to give permission to create indexedDB, and the user may deny permission. See quote below: The most likely problem is that the user decided not to give your web app permission to create a...

Do 'reduce' with results from Cloudant search?

In Cloudant is it possible to do something like a reduce on a set of results from a search index (as opposed to a view)? In my case, I'd like to find all documents that have a title value that includes 'foo', then for each of these sum the total...

How can I securely connect to Cloudant using PouchDB?

I am creating a mobile app for Android and iOS using Cordova/PhoneGap and am using IBM's Cloudant database for storage. I am using the PouchDB javascript library to access the Cloudant database. Currently I have this code to access it... db = new PouchDB('https://[myaccount][mydb]', { auth: { username: 'myusername', password:...

incessantly getting null values for reduce function

My data is as follows: { "_id": "33d4d945613344f13a3ee929337b1ca8", "_rev": "1-427c691a5c5f504c6b1d885b6b9ff4bc", "release": { "genres": { "genre": "Electronic" }, "identifiers": { "identifier": [ { "description": "Text", "value": "5 021603 054028", "type": "Barcode" }, { "description": "String", "value": 5021603054028, "type": "Barcode" }, { "value": "MAYKING WAP54CD", "type": "Matrix / Runout" } ] },...

PouchDB - start local, replicate later

Does it create any major problems if we always create and populate a PouchDB database locally first, and then later sync/authenticate with a centralised CouchDB service like Cloudant? Consider this simplified scenario: You're building an accommodation booking service such as hotel search or airbnb You want people to be able...

Uploading multiple documents to couchdb giving error

I have to upload bulk document into couchdb but this is not working and giving error. This is what i try to do with curl curl -d '{"docs":[{"key":"baz","name":"bazzel"},{"key":"bar","name":"barry"}]}' -X POST This is the error which comes for this {"error":"bad_content_type","reason":"Content-Type must be application/json"} This curl command is simple copy+paste from...

Using node-couchdb to query a database

I'm new to couchdb and a bit confused. I have a database of movies, and I'd like to query all (or in groups of 50) of the movies with field year equal to 2015 for example. How could I do this?

Are there any known negatives to using Requests in Flask to interface to Cloudant on Buemix?

I am writing an app in Python Flask that makes use of the Python HTTP library Request to interface with Cloudant on Bluemix. It is an easy interface that allows me to directly access the Bluemix VCAP information for Cloudant and of course the Cloudant API. However it does not...

IndexedDB: Modifying pre-existing objects in an object store

I am trying to wrap my head around IndexedDB. I created an object store that uses a key-generator with no key-path. var objectStore = db.createObjectStore("domains", {autoIncrement: true }); objectStore.createIndex("domain", "domain", { unique: true, multiEntry: true }); In order to access my records, I created an index that references my object...

Retrieve data without _id and _ref from coucgdb

I have a database with lots of document and i am using field type to define it as a table. I want to populate angularjs ui-grid with the JSON data coming in value. So i have created a view: function(doc) { if(doc.type === 'userTable'){ emit(doc._id, {userName:doc.userName,fName:doc.fName}); } } When i...

CouchDB-Why my rerduce is always coming as false ? I am not able to reduce anything properly

I am new to CouchDB. I have a 9 gb dataset loaded into my couchdb. I am able to map everything correctly. But I cannot reduce any of the results using the code written in the reduce column. When i tried log, log shows that rereduce values as false. Do...

HTML5 Indexeddb commands to read the data is not supporting in the Ipad Safari (version 8.1)

Query Description:- This question is particularly with the issues that I am facing in reading the indexeddb data in the Ipad Safari 8.1. I am able to create Indexeddb and insert the data into it. But unable to read the same in Ipad safari. Below is the code format that...

Deserializing JSON into c# class

I have a JSON in the following format (from couchDB view) {"rows":[ {"key":["2015-04-01","524",""],"value":1}, {"key":["2015-04-01","524",""],"value":2}, {"key":["2015-04-01","524",""],"value":1} ]} I need to create a "service" to get this data from couchDB and insert it on SQL Server (for generating reports..) in a efficient way. My first bet was to bulk insert this json...

Build stats function on date

I have Cloudant db, which is actually couchdb. I have a date field in my documents and I need to get statistic similar to what _stats provide on numeric fields (e.g. min, max, avg, count). Is there a way to do this in cloudant? I've in map function convert to...

replicate pouchDB document with couchDB

I have used pouchDB in one application and now I want to introduce couchDB to sync the document to remote server. Hence i followed this link i used the below code to replicate the data to couchDB var db2 = new PouchDB('todos'); var remoteCouch = 'http://localhost:5984/_utils/database.html?couchdb_sample'; db2.changes({ since: 'now',...

Sync views between pouchdb and couchdb

I've been able to sync data from my cloudant instance to my nodejs based pouchdb, however I need to setup a secondary search index and therefore I created a view on the couchdb instance however I am unable to see it in my synced pouchdb instance. I see it in...

How to get Couchdb/Cloundant design document ready for search all fields?

I have a very simple database contains some data modals stored in Cloudant. { "_id": "units_modal_the_oaks_preliminary", "_rev": "1-b541013bc008680b706ea01969dedb7a", "type": "units_modal", "label": "Preliminary Modal", "notes": "Notes here...", "project": "the_oaks", "data": [...] } I connect Cloudant with PouchDB. My goal is simply make this database ready for query by all the fields...

Are CouchDB Views fast?

If I want to get data out quickly from CouchDB is it significantly faster to grab a single doc from it's id, than to grab a view and then just use the appropriate doc in that view?

How do I get rid of unused views on CouchDB using futon?

Basically what the question says. I have a database where I've created a bunch of different views while trying to learn how the whole thing works. Now I have a few views I really need and a lot of views I don't need. However I have not been able to...

Installing CouchDB on IaaS?

After many many google searches I am still unclear on how to install a CouchDB instance on an Infrastructure as a Service cloud service. I have looked into DBaaS options such as Cloudant, but for initial testing I would like to host the database on an IaaS. Specifically, I am...

SImple reduce function is not working, what is wrong with my reduce function code in couchDB?

i am new to couchDB. I started with simple map/reduce. i dont know why i am not able to receive proper values for the piece of code i attached. thanks in advance !!! My mapping code as follows: function(doc){ if(doc.release.formats.format.descriptions.description == 'Album'){ doc.release.artists.artist.forEach(function(i){emit(,doc.release.title)}) } } My resultant map values key:...

NoSQL. How much data lost on server crash?

If my server was powered off, assuming all writes to disk succeeded, how many "confirmed" writes would I lose? Redis: the lesser of 10k writes or 15 mins. See config MongoDB: < 100ms (~30ms in practice) with default journaling enabled RethinkDB: 0, see How does RethinkDB handle write durability? CouchDB:...

What is good way to store big JSON objects in couchDb?

I work on a web app which store projects data. Data are saved in a couchDb database A. The app pull and push data with a local pouchDb database B, which is sync with A. So the app can also work offline. When user has connection back, changes made on...

CORS error in PouchDB with CORS enabled in CouchDB

I have CORS enabled in CouchDB: I run the app on Windows 8.1, serving it with hapi.js. When viewing it in Chrome after a while this error message appears in the console: Uncaught (in promise) CustomPouchError {status: 500, name: "unknown_error", message: "Database encountered an unknown error", error: true, toString: function}...

CouchDB: In a checklist app, new file for every list item?

I'm working on a checklist web app Now, every user can have lots of check lists, each with many items on them. Would it be a good idea to keep the items in a JS object in the individual checklist? This would have been my first approach, since there wouldn't...

PouchDB: database replication when the application is launched offline

I use PouchDB to store data offline and synchronize with a remote CouchDB database when the application goes online. It works well if the app is launched online: PouchDB triggers the pause event when the connexion is interrupted and continues when the connexion comes back. Here is a sample code:...

jQuery.Deferred() is not working properly

I'm trying to implement indexedDB. For that I need to use $.Deferred to get the status of database creation. But the problem is, Differed is not working as expected. Here is the fiddle, you can find the process in the console. And here is the code: $(function($) { var table...

CouchDB sum by date range and type

Simply put I want to _sum totals over a date range grouped by type. The original docs in the db are each for a single date, containing data by type. (For example, each doc has total apples, oranges, and pears picked on a date. We want to query for total...

CouchDB: bulk_docs returning incorrect status code

I'm working on syncing a PouchDB database (with Angular) with a CouchDB database. When the replication is in progress, the code is issuing a POST request to do a bulk update to I have a validation rule on database to reject unauthorized writes, and it generates a forbidden error....

Map keys to emit function

i've got an object in couchDB and in this looks like are several arrays, im new to couchDB and i don't know how to access the keys of it. The document looks like this: { "_id": "113232", "_rev": "1-c967a81c0eccba6a7c92e3c4b352d4eb", "name": "Ezequiel Campion", "vorlesungen": [ { "Ethik": 1.7 }, { "Glaube...

PouchDB authentication: Create new CouchDB users

I use the PouchDB-authentication plugin and I love it. However, I'm a little confused about the signup process and maybe I don't use it the right way. I use it to create new users in my CouchDB database but I don't understand why it is associated with a specific database?...

Cannot put() data to an indexeddb database using Firefox

Hi I created an Indexeddb database but having trouble input data into it. Database: var request ="BCDB"); request.onupgradeneeded = function() { var db = request.result; var store = db.createObjectStore("psf", { autoIncrement: true }); var psTag = store.createIndex("ps_tag", "psTag"); var psNameIndex = store.createIndex("ps_name", "psName"); var psResultIndex = store.createIndex("ps_result", "psResult"); var...

Close a cursor in indexeddb with javascript

Is there way to close all cursors in an indexeddb? I need to stop all the currently open cursors using javascript.

Compile a directory tree of separate apps (one entry point each), using CommonJS modules and ES6 modules

I am writing a Couch app. The output of the build process must be a directory tree of self contained JS files, like so: dist ├── _attachments │ ├── logo.jpg │ └── splash.jpg ├── lists │ └── sitemap.js ├── shows │   ├── article.js │ ├── home.js │ └── dashboard.js ├──...

IndexedDB: retrieve the out-of-line key associated with a particular object in an object store

Say I have an object store, which was created like this: IDBDatabase.createObjectStore(Name, {autoIncrement: true }); Now, say I retrieve an object from that object store using an index to look it up. Is there a way that I can retrieve the out-of-line key associated with the object so I can...

Can you ship a PouchDB DB inside app already sync'd?

I will be creating a hybrid app (i.e. phonegap/cordova or similar) that will use PouchDB to sync a read-only database from a hosted CouchDB instance. Easiest way to do this is the app ships "empty" and upon first run it needs to pull down all docs from the server before...

How to install CouchDB on Mac OS X? (Docs not helping)

I tried installing CouchDB 1.6 via Homebrew per the instructions on the official CouchDB docs at, but I am having no success. First, I tried the native application and that worked but apparently that version does not support CORS. It has been a frustrating experience, so any help will...

couchDB - how to display more than key/value?

I'm utterly stuck in my RDBMS ways of thinking and having one heck of a time going through limited tutorials and guides to get my head around noSQL I created a database bookmarks in cloudant and created two documents like this: { "_id": "3d609bd2689639afc2520f17d8f4c883", "_rev": "2-7227c3e1350f2d4f67f62f830b3f331e", "title": "bing homepage", "url...

Tables in CouchDB, How to organize tables in couchDB?

I have three tables(x,y,z) in one database "123" like RDBMS. I want to convert them into couchDB. I have created the.json for each and every tables. When i created the database,i could not create seperate tables. I had to create seperate db for each table or combine under one db....

How to get a “fieldcount” (like wordcount) on CouchDB/Cloudant?

Trying to get a count of fields, just like the classic word count example. I thought this would be trivial... but I got this useless result... {"rows":[ {"key":null,"value":212785214} ]} How can I get what I wanted... an inventory of all fields used in my documents, with a count of how...

Delete all conflicts in pouchDB

my problem is to sync between pouch and couchDB. I will manage to get my documents from couchDb and check in the pouch if there is already an existing document. So, if we have a conflict I want so solve the conflict on the client-side. But I don't know how...

indexing names in json using elasticsearch in couchdb

I am trying to implement full-text query for my json documents. I want to search by title. My json is as follows: { "release":{ "genres":{ "genre":"Electronic" }, "identifiers":{ "identifier":[ { "description":"A-Side", "value":"MPO SK 032 A1 G PHRUPMASTERGENERAL T27 LONDON", "type":"Matrix / Runout" }, { "description":"B-Side", "value":"MPO SK 032 B1", "type":"Matrix...

Architecture of an app when using CouchDB/PouchDB

I am wondering how the architecture should look like when using PouchDB as a local storage in a mobile app instead of localStorage. At this moment I am used to cache my app's data into localStorage and when needed I perform an API call to the backend to request or...

How to limit results in map function

In Python I'm using this function to filter data from CouchDB: people = "function(doc){if('Jacobian')emit(doc,null)}" But what if I want to get only one document corresponding to'Jacobian'? How should function look like? PS. I've heard something about views and that it can be realized through them, but at this moment...

IndexedDB: Can you manually initiate a version change transaction?

I am writing a chrome extension that utilizes IndexedDB to store some information client side in an IDBObjectStore within an IDBDatabase. The nature of the data is such that I need my users to be able to modify the object store at their whim. (add new objects modify existing ones...

How do i get JSON data from a couchDB database and parse it in Xcode?

For Example, I have a document in my CouchDB database that holds two fields "password" and "username". This is the URL for my document: I want to retrieve the value of these fields from that specific document in CouchDB and parse it in Xcode. I tried using http-get but it...