typescript,resharper,ecmascript-6 , “Variable 'X' can be made constant”, what does 'constant' mean?

“Variable 'X' can be made constant”, what does 'constant' mean?


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VStudio or ReSharper is giving me the suggestion below:

enter image description here

What does constant mean in this scenario? If it's a constant in the current method scope, what's the purpose? Methods tend to be small and therefore it shouldn't give any advantage compared to be a regular var?

Please enligten me


It's nothing complicated.

It's always better to use const over let (and definitely var), since const makes it a bit easier for other coders, or you when you come back to the same code in the future, to understand what is going on, since you only have to look at the initial assignment to know what the contents of the variable are. Therefore you are encouraged to use it when possible.

It should be noted that though constants can not be reassigned their contents can. So const x = [1]; x[0] = 2; is perfectly valid code, but it screams anti-pattern. There is still the Object.freeze method if you want immutability all the way, although I'd generally only use this for API's, not within methods.

Some compiler optimizations like inlining are possible through the use of const, therefore its use might give you a slight gain in performance in the future when you don't transpile typescript down to ecmascript 5 or lower anymore. I doubt that these optimizations will help within function scopes though.

You can run a performance test of var vs let vs const here: https://jsperf.com/let-vs-var-performance/35. On my laptop OSX 10.10.2 with Firefox 38 const is 3% slower than var (which is fastest) and with Chrome 43 const is 1.28% slower than var. Indicating that there is still some optimization work to be done. Note that const in this performance test is being used within a function scope.


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