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Good day guys. I am developing VB6 project and I know it's old but thats the standard in Japan. I am not into datagrid expert guy that can tweak everything inside of it but my problem is that I have data to be displayed in datagridview which they want to change the cell value if the data having value for example :


apple | 1

orange | 2

So if apple having QTY value of "1" I want to change it into something like star or circle value.

It's a datagrid control(databound) in WinForm App. My datasource is sql server.

Thank you guys in advance.


The technology (VB6) is indeed very old; you can try something like

Sub AddSymbol()
For i = 1 To DataGrid1.Rows
    If DataGrid1.Item(i, 2) = 1 Then DataGrid1.Item(i, 2) = "*"
Next i
End Sub

where quantity is stored in the second column of DataGrid1 control. Hope this may help.


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