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Control pan and zoom animation duration in mapbox.js


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I'm making an animated map showing a series of points using Mapbox.js. Ideally, I want to smoothly switch focus between points by combining zoom and pan like this example created in d3.js. I wonder if there is anyway to control the pan & zoom animation speed (mainly to slow it down). In the code below, I've tried both setView() and panTo() functions and the transition is too fast. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated, thanks!

L.mapbox.accessToken = "#Token Here";
var map ='map', 'mapbox.streets')
        .setView([34.01, -118.48], 5, { 
            pan: { animate: true }, 
            zoom: { animate: true } 

map.setView([33.98, -118.42], 5);


Take a look at this fiddle.

You can use a function like:

function jumpTo(index){
    map.setView(positions[index], 4, {
        pan: {
            animate: true,
            duration: 2
        zoom: {
            animate: true

And control it on moveend event.


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