browserify , Simple browserify test only runs when built with --debug

Simple browserify test only runs when built with --debug


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I have a simple hello world script main.js:

window.addEventListener('load', function() {
    "use strict";
    document.getElementById('output').textContent = "Hello, browser.";

If I build bundle.js with:

browserify -r ./main.js > bundle.js

It doesn't run in the browser. No errors, just doesn't execute. If I use:

browserify -r --debug ./main.js > bundle.js

It runs fine. Why doesn't the non-debug one run?


-r means require. -> -r file.js means, that you will put it into a seperate scope to require it in an other bundle, but it don't will execute.

Your "solution" -r --debug (or short -r -d) works, because the require attribute has no parameter/file, so it will be ignored by browserify.

Just removing -r --debug should solve your problem.


browserify -r --debug ./main.js -o ./bundle.js the same as this:

browserify -d ./main.js -o ./bundle.js


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Simple browserify test only runs when built with --debug

I have a simple hello world script main.js: window.addEventListener('load', function() { "use strict"; document.getElementById('output').textContent = "Hello, browser."; }); If I build bundle.js with: browserify -r ./main.js > bundle.js It doesn't run in the browser. No errors, just doesn't execute. If I use: browserify -r --debug ./main.js > bundle.js It runs...

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