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Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to graph.facebook.com:8000 FB UnitySDK


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I have been trying to post some achievements in game with following code:
FB.API(FB.UserId +"/"+achievementType, Facebook.HttpMethod.POST, AchievementCallback,formData);

but the result is sometimes posted on my activity log and sometimes it fails to post with the message "Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to graph.facebook.com:8000" while sometimes it is sucessful with post ID. I have tested the achievement files from facebook API explorer and also from POSTMAN plugin and it successfully posted it using both of them with post ID. But when I try to post the achievement from Unity3d it fails sometimes and works sometimes. Does anyone know what i am doing wrong while posting using UnitySDK? Note: I have hosted these files on Github. Example AchievementFileLink If anyone has suggestion please let me know.


The workaround I found out for this is whenever the above error happens I again send the request in the callback method to post achievement and it gets published on my game activity successfully. This should not be the intended behaviour and is very bad practice but for time being ill take this as an answer.


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![on facebook sigin button im getting the login with Facebook title.Actual my button is Sign in with facebook]

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IOS: Easy Facebook SDK email retrieval Objective C

EDIT (Rewording the Question because it didn't make sense before.) I have a loginViewController that has he following IBAction: -(IBAction)fblogin:(id)sender { FBSDKLoginManager *login = [[FBSDKLoginManager alloc] init]; [login logInWithReadPermissions:@[@"email"] handler:^(FBSDKLoginManagerLoginResult *result, NSError *error) { if (error) { // Process error } else if (result.isCancelled) { // Handle cancellations } else...

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How to draw each a vertex of a mesh as a circle?

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I would like to create an Ad Campaign with the Marketing API but I don't know where I can set the target URL of this campaign. I can set the objective of the campaign to WEBSITE_CLICKS but where to set the URL it will goes to? If I use the...

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Facebook - “Cannot query users by their username” solution

I am developing an android app. I was using a HttpURLConnection to get profile pictures of facebook users. The URL looks like this: http://graph.facebook.com/?ids=username1,username2,username3&fields=picture&type=square But now, since v2.2 doesn't let me to get profile pictures of users who are not using my facebook app, it throws an error: { "error":...

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I was wondering if there is any way to get user checkin information for different places based on the place_id. Facebook documentation keeps changing around and I'm not sure if this is possible now? Seems like it was possible in older API versions. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks...

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How to Create Thumbnails in unity

I am creating a video player app for android. for that i need to create thumbnails for the videos present in the videos folder. After searching web i could able to understand unity's MovieTexture doesn't support for android. This one i could able to solve using a plugin. For creating...

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I am really struggling with parsing JSON data from Facebook's Graph API. I am using file_get_contents and json_decode to decode the object $json = file_get_contents($facebook_url); $obj = json_decode($json, true); Here is some sample JSON: { "data": [ { "place": { "id": "134972803193847", "name": "University of Southern California", "location": { "city":...

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How can we see users’ information through Facebook Graph API in Android?

I am making a dating app (android) by using Facebook API (You know the similar application that starts with tin…) Anyways, I registered my application in Facebook developers and I also got approval to use functions that I need through 'Submit Items for Approval'(my Approved Items: email, public_profile, User_photo, User_like,...

Creating a website for a restaurant with facebook api [closed]

I've my own webdevelopment company and I have a new customer this week who wants to have a facebook API on his site. I've worked with the API before for my personal website but never with a customer. And my question was what is the best way to get a...

facebook post on page wall - PHP SDK

I'm trying to create a script that post on a facebook page (as an administrator) a status. This is the script i'm using: try { $access_token = (new FacebookRequest( $session, 'GET', '/' . $pageID, array( 'fields' => 'access_token' ) )) ->execute()->getGraphObject()->asArray(); $access_token = $access_token['access_token']; $page_post = (new FacebookRequest( $session, 'POST',...

Unity 3D Text becomes Word Cubes

As the image shows, my 3D Text keeps disappearing from my scene when I click Play, and then when I zoom in, this is what I see. When I exit the Play scene, it stays like that till I Ctrl+S and Save on which is returns to its proper text...

Android facebook sdk : Login works without proper key hash

I have created a android sample app in developers.facebook.com but I haven't provided any key hash in the settings. Now if I try to login in my sample with fb app is installed it gives the invalid key hasherror which is expected. However, If I disable the facebook app, it...

2D game development with Unity3D

I tried to find some answers to a few questions I have about Unity3D games development. I want to create 2D mobile games. The thing I really want to know is if I can create a mobile game for different platforms at one time (as cordova can build Android /...

Turning an avatar into a 3rd person character

I just learned how easy it is to simply drag a 3rd person character controller prefab (from Unity's standard assets package) and drop it into the hierarchy. Using the WSAD and Space keys feels pretty natural, so I wondered if I could apply the same character controller to a customized...

Facebook API profile picture

I created a website for my Students Organization. On that website there is a page where I list all the people who helped organize our Activities. Theres a picture of every member there. To get the images, I used their facebook profile pictures. I used http://graph.facebook.com/USERNAME/picture?height=250&width=250 This code did work...

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Likes that when the game is pause, only the Resume button is lighted, other whole scene is in dark, Is there some function can do it?

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I have a problem with Unity3D. I created a game with Unity 4.6.2f1. My problem is, game crashes after splash screen(Like trying to open itself constantly). The weird part is, game works on my phones and my tablets perfectly. I have Nexus 5(With Android 5.1.1) , Iocean X7S(With Android 4.2.2)...

Facebook SDK 4.2 FBGraphUser protocol update

I am working on an Xcode project that has Facebook SDK 3.1.4. I am currently updating the SDK to 4.2. I was just wondering if someone can help me with the update related to FBGraphUser protocol and how I can update that for Facebook SDK 4.2. I have looked around...

AdColony's OnVideoFinished not call in Android

I have a problem with AdColony-UnitySDK. When AdColony's video is finish playing, OnVideoFinished() method don't be called. In this case, the following sources work well in iOS. And also, the server receive the success callback both device. So, only Android device that is not work. Here is the source code,...

Facebook Login for the iOS app occurring outside of the appliaction

I am using Facebook login for my iOS app .For the first time the user needs to login via Facebookand When a login is asked the app is redirecting to Safari browser or it will redirect to the Facebook app if the Facebook app is installed on your device. But...