spring-integration , How to handle timeout exception when using jms outbound gateway?

How to handle timeout exception when using jms outbound gateway?


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I have a jms outbound gateway like this:

<jms:outbound-gateway request-destination = "requestQueue"

In my spring integration flow I send requests to 'sendToJmsChannel' and handle replies from 'receiveFromJmsChannel'

The question is, how can I handle the case when the receive-timeout is elapsed and no reply was returned to the reply-destination?


The JmsOutboundGateway thorws:

throw new MessageTimeoutException(message,
                        "failed to receive JMS response within timeout of: " + this.receiveTimeout + "ms");

In case of that timeout (5 sec by default).

You can configure <retry-advice> within <request-handler-advice-chain> for the <jms:outbound-gateway> to resend the same message to the request-destination on that MessageTimeoutException. Or just handle it from the caller with regular try...catch, or in the ErrorHandler on the error-channel, if your flow starts from the <poller> or message-driven-ednpoint.

Otherwise it isn't clear what is your goal. The Exception in the Spring Integration doesn't provide more complexity as it is in the typical Java application.


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