table,rtf,paragraph , How can i put several paragraphs in a cell in Rtf 1

How can i put several paragraphs in a cell in Rtf 1


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I can use a paragraph in a cell with this code:

\trowd\cellx3000\pard\intbl\ltrpar\cf1\f0\fs24 aaaaa \cell\row

But using 2 or more paragraphs is a problem for me. how can i do that?


I had some searches and found this: we can not use \par in cell part. instead of that ,we can use \line


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after searching, I understand I can copy data into a table one at a time using VLOOKUP. However, is it possible to replace an entire table with another if a cell contains a certain value? for example, I have a table1. I want to replace table1 with table2 if cell...

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Here I have a json data as below: [ {"teacher":"Tom","student":[{"name":"stuA","project":"projectA"},{"name":"stuB","project":"projectB"}]}, {"teacher":"Jerry","student":[{"name":"stuC","project":"projectC"},{"name":"stuD","project":"projectD"},{"name":"stuE","project":"projectE"}]}, {"teacher":"Lee","student":[{"name":"stuF","project":"projectF"}]} ] And now I wanna render it into an irregular table like the picture: So how can I make it possible by using ng-repeat?It's really a confusing problem. here is the html code that makes the table...

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I want to take some of the cell values in a table . How to take All at a strech. Can i assign a class name to those cells and take the values for each of them

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We asked 3 people two or three yes-no questions. Let me denote these 3 people by 101,102,103 the questions by "A", "B","C" and the responses by 0, 1. The result is q<-data.frame(response=c(0,0,1,0,0,1,1), qstn=c("A","B","A","B","A","B","C"), person=c(101,101,102,102,103,103,103)) We need to convert this table to the following format person|qustionA|questionB|questionC 101 | 0 | 0...

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'<table> <tr> <th>' .$varProduct[$x][0]. '</th>'. //this is a title '<th>' .$varProduct[$x][2] . $varProduct[$x][11] . ' </th> // this is a price </tr> </table>' this code makes a table that fills out like this Title Price Title Price Title Price but I want to fill it Title Title Title Price Price...

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I started to programming with, I have a table with some checkboxses. The problem is, I can't create static tables, because this action is linked with some parameters. Anyway.. When I click on the First checkbox I want to invert the other checkboxes in this table. How can i...

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Question as above. I was told to use list<> to do so. But I still have no clue about how to do it exactly. I am a C# newbie. Thanks for help.

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I am using Visual Studio 10, .NET Framework 4 and was creating a Rich Text Box Control for Text Input. I am formatting text ONLY by writing the *RichTextBox*.SelectionFont = new Font(currentFontFamily, currentFontSize, currentFontStyle); Method. When I am now accessing the Rtf formatted String via the RichTextBox.Rtf property, it works,...

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Could anybody help me? I have a table in SWT and simply I want to show some table items but the table only shows one item and the others with vertical scroll. I want to show everything, without scrolling. I tried with the option SWT_NO_SCROLL but is not working. I...

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Can anyone solve why the cutoff of row names occurs for me? It is independent of the length of the string wrap. Specifying row.just = "center" does not cut off the row names. x <- data.frame(row.names=paste("Very very name goes in here somewhere yep it is a looooonnngggg name! phew that...

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2 Questions... Scenario: I would like to query my database table via a form and then display the results that occur(if there are results) and my current situation is that it does work but it clears the form completely and leaves my to an empty page with just the results...

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SELECT * FROM orders WITH (INDEX(idx)); When i fired above query i got the error mysql #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax I have created index as below create index idx on orders(date,status); Can anybody tell me the correct syntax?...