google-play-games , Google Play Game Services in China? [closed]

Google Play Game Services in China? [closed]


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I have understood that due to some laws there are some telecommunications services blocked in China.

Does anyone know if the Google Play Game Services are available in China?

EDIT: This question is about Google Play Game Services used primarily for programming.


As we known,almost all of google services are located in us which are block by China G.F.W .In China, only the can be visited directly without using VPN.


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private PendingResult<Snapshots.CommitSnapshotResult> writeSnapshot(Snapshot snapshot, byte[] data, Bitmap coverImage, String desc) { // Set the data payload for the snapshot snapshot.getSnapshotContents().writeBytes(data); // Create the change operation SnapshotMetadataChange metadataChange = new SnapshotMetadataChange.Builder() .setCoverImage(coverImage) .setDescription(desc) .build(); // Commit the operation return Games.Snapshots.commitAndClose(mGoogleApiClient, snapshot, metadataChange); }...

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My code is pretty simple: auto response = Snapshots.FetchAllBlocking(); if (IsSuccess(response.status)) { for (auto& fetch : { Snapshots.Delete(fetch); } This throws an exception: 01-27 01:14:11.675: E/GamesNativeSDK(3448): Exception in com/google/android/gms/games/snapshot/Snapshots.delete: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Buffer is closed.. What does this mean? BTW. in my App and client I have two snapshots, and one...

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