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Symbol of setter declaration


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Is it actually possible to write a setter Symbol without calling the Symbol constructor? because the setter Symbol contains an = sign , so #x= does not work


No, as far as I know.

Related issues: http://dartbug.com/13640, http://dartbug.com/10029


Choosing between package:html, dart:html, dart:io (class HttpClient) and package:http APIs to fetch HTTP resources

I realized that currently there are at least three "official" Dart libraries that allow me to perform a HTTP request. What is more, three of those libraries (dart:io (class HttpClient), package:http and dart:html) have each a different, incompatible API. As of today, package:html does not offer this functionality, but on...

Intercept dialog from and read the contents

I use this code to intercept a dialog from a webview but I can not see the content or interact with it: Element webview= querySelector("#webview"); Map<String,String> map=new Map(); map["src"]=urlWebView+user; webview.attributes.addAll(map); querySelector("#webview_cont").style.visibility="visible"; window.addEventListener("dialog",(Event e){ //Use window or webview returns the same result e.preventDefault(); ... //What should I do here ?? }...

Creating a capitalize Method in Dart

I am trying to create a method in dart but have run into a wall. I was looking at how .toUpperCase(); and .toLowerCase(); were done. The method that I am trying to create is .capitalize(); I would like to call this method like this String hello = "WORLD".capitalize(); //World Here...

Can I force unoptimal logical condition checking?

Is it possble to change the whay the logical or || statement is executed in dart. For example. I have the functions foo() and boo() which have a return type of bool. If i write (foo() || boo()) ? /* A */ : /* B */; and foo() returns true...

How to parse a String of “hh:mm:ss.SSS” into a DateTime

The format of "new DateTime.now()" will print following output: 2015-05-20 07:34:43.018 By having only the time as a String in the correct format ("07:34:43.018"), how do I parse the time to a DateTime object? The usage of the intl package does not support the mentioned format AFAIK....

How to sort map value?

I have this map: var temp= { 'A' : 3, 'B' : 1, 'C' : 2 }; How to sort the values of the map (descending). I know, I can use temp.values.toList()..sort(). But I want to sort in context of the keys like this: var temp= { 'B' : 1,...

Google Cloud Messaging in dart

I'm trying to connect to the Google Cloud Messaging with this code in dart senderIds.add("api-project-testid"); chrome.gcm.register(senderIds).then(registerCallback); but I have this error: Exception: Uncaught Error: Profile was not signed in. I think that the error arises from the fact that chromium is not connected with any account. Does anyone know how...

PercentCompleteEditor allows values > 100 in bwu_datagrid

PercentCompleteEditor allows to enter values > 100 and < 0 without any error/warning in bwu_datagrid.

What is the proper way to remove a stream from stdout so that another stream may be added?

I am starting a process in Dart that attaches its stdout stream to stdout so that the results can be printed to the terminal like so: Process.start(executable, ['list','of','args']).then((proc) { stdout.addStream(proc.stdout); stderr.addStream(proc.stderr); return proc.exitCode; }); However, once this completes I would like to start a new process and begin this again...

Listening for event in Dart via JQuery “on” with dart:js

I use dart call bootstrap modal window,and I want register a callback function ,but found the same problem other person mentioned before. here is jQuery code: $('#myModal').on('hidden.bs.modal',function (e) {....}) How can I write the same code in dart with dart:js, because package:js is deprecated; so I can't use callback function...

Make function to return custom stream

Is it possible to create a function that returns a custom stream and handles it like this? user.logIn('owner', '1234') .listen( success (Object user) { print(user); }, error: (Object user, Object error) { print(error); } ); ...

Generate static accessors by name

Suppose i had this class: abstract class DynamicallyAccessible{ operator [](String key){ throw 'DynamicallyAcessible [] operator is not implemented'; } operator []=(String key,Object value){ throw 'DynamicallyAcessible []= operator is not implemented'; } call(String methodName,List<Object> params){ throw 'DynamicallyAcessible call method is not implemented'; } } and this class which extends the above:...

compiled dart code not running in IE 10 and IE 11

I am having trouble with a small dart app which runs perfectly fine in Chrome and Firefox and... guess what.... not in IE 10 and 11 (Project Spartan in Win10 Preview works!). It is a simple UI controll logic like so: ... //init elements SelectElement studyList = querySelector('#studies'); SelectElement roleList...

How to set callback when