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Symbol of setter declaration


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Is it actually possible to write a setter Symbol without calling the Symbol constructor? because the setter Symbol contains an = sign , so #x= does not work


No, as far as I know.

Related issues: http://dartbug.com/13640, http://dartbug.com/10029


PercentCompleteEditor allows values > 100 in bwu_datagrid

PercentCompleteEditor allows to enter values > 100 and < 0 without any error/warning in bwu_datagrid.

How can I tell the dartanalyzer what kind of Element the selected object is?

I have the code if(querySelector('#username').value!="") and it is working. But Darteditor warns me, that the getter 'value' is not defined for the class 'Element'. I know, that what the querySelector returns is an InputElement and therefore, my question is only for reasons of beauty and to remove the warnings. How...

Make function to return custom stream

Is it possible to create a function that returns a custom stream and handles it like this? user.logIn('owner', '1234') .listen( success (Object user) { print(user); }, error: (Object user, Object error) { print(error); } ); ...

How to develop a Dart library locally?

I might be having a mental eclipse, but it's hard for me to do the simplest thing: write a simple library and use it. (I want to do this all locally, without publishing the library, etc.) I've browsed through the list of pub commands and none seems to install a...

Checking, if optional parameter is provided in Dart

I'm new to Dart and just learning the basics. The Dart-Homepage shows following: It turns out that Dart does indeed have a way to ask if an optional parameter was provided when the method was called. Just use the question mark parameter syntax. Here is an example: void alignDingleArm(num axis,...

Dart Pub greater than and less then mardown issue

Having an issue with the display of "<" and ">" using markdown's back-tick code syntax in Dart pub? Not sure how to achieve: Future<bool>. If I write that as I have done here, it comes out as: Future&lt;bool&gt;, as found here: https://pub.dartlang.org/packages/functional_behaviour_tree Have also noticed that where packages were fine...

Can I force unoptimal logical condition checking?

Is it possble to change the whay the logical or || statement is executed in dart. For example. I have the functions foo() and boo() which have a return type of bool. If i write (foo() || boo()) ? /* A */ : /* B */; and foo() returns true...

How to create json encodable classes in dart

This question is related to this post. I tried the following code: import 'dart:convert'; /*server side Post class */ class Post { int post_id; String title; String description; DateTime posted_at; DateTime last_edited; String user; String editor; int up_votes; int down_votes; int total_votes; String links_to; List<String> tags = new List(); Post.fromSQL(List...

Why doesn't the dart2js compiler convert 64-bit integers to IEEE 754 FP numbers?

I've been reading that the dart2js compiler doesn't support 64 bit integers. Is this because javascript doesn't have a representation for 64-bit integers and stores all numbers as 64-bit double precision values? If so, couldn't integer values simply be converted to the representation? If that is not the case, why...

Type Error when using JwtSessionHandler - dart

I have a problem with the dart types when using the JwtSessionHandler. I wanted to integrate user authentication and sessions using this example application from the shelf_auth git repository as a guide. Unfortunately I get an error when running the application (no syntax errors are detected before running the application)...

How does Dart's operator overloading translate to javascript?

Very happy to see Dart support operator overloading (very cool :) ), but I am curious as to how this implementation translates to Javascript before I dive into developing something around this? Know this isn't something Javascript supports natively so wondered if there would be any complications around conversion to...

In the dart:io library, why would one want to set runInShell: true when calling Process.run?

What functionality does this offer? Furthermore, how does the process get called when runInShell is set to false? What's the difference?

Block until field is initalized

trying to block the execution within a setter until the filed value changes and i know that it will change within a few microseconds, to demonstrate the problem i wrote: import 'dart:async'; void main() { new Timer.periodic(new Duration(seconds:1),(t)=>print(Store.x)); new Timer.periodic(new Duration(seconds:3),(t)=>Store.x='initalized'); } class Store{ static String _x = null; static...

Using bootstrap navbar in bootjack

I'm using twitter bootstrap's CSS to create a standard bootstrap navbar and then calling Dropdown.use(); which makes the navbar work automagically. When I re-size the page or view it on mobile, the navbar displays this menu button which does nothing when you click on it. How would I go about...

Dart: pub build minified dart.js missing

I am very new to Dart so bear with me. I completed the sample pirate badge project and did Pub Build - Minified as instructed. The generated build folder does not contain the packages/browser/dart.js and priatebadge.dart files that are referenced by piratebadge.html. When I view in the browser there are...

Google Cloud Messaging in dart

I'm trying to connect to the Google Cloud Messaging with this code in dart senderIds.add("api-project-testid"); chrome.gcm.register(senderIds).then(registerCallback); but I have this error: Exception: Uncaught Error: Profile was not signed in. I think that the error arises from the fact that chromium is not connected with any account. Does anyone know how...

Add delete item button - ToDo App - Dart

I'm very new to dart, so don't judge me. :)) I just started to write a simple ToDo App in Dart. I want to add a button to the item, so i can delete it from the list. I add the button successfully, but don't get the click event working....

Listening for event in Dart via JQuery “on” with dart:js

I use dart call bootstrap modal window,and I want register a callback function ,but found the same problem other person mentioned before. here is jQuery code: $('#myModal').on('hidden.bs.modal',function (e) {....}) How can I write the same code in dart with dart:js, because package:js is deprecated; so I can't use callback function...

Choosing between package:html, dart:html, dart:io (class HttpClient) and package:http APIs to fetch HTTP resources

I realized that currently there are at least three "official" Dart libraries that allow me to perform a HTTP request. What is more, three of those libraries (dart:io (class HttpClient), package:http and dart:html) have each a different, incompatible API. As of today, package:html does not offer this functionality, but on...

Abstract methods in Dart

I'm implementing an inheritance hierarchy in which derived-class construction consists only of a call to the base-class constructor. The base-class constructor then calls method(s) implemented only in the derived-class. I have a basic implementation, but DartEditor of course complains about the missing methods in the base class. How can I...

Refuse to load JS in Dart

In my web page for Dart amount this script: <script src="https://test.net/test/test.js"></script> but when you launch the application it gives me the following error: Refused to load the script 'https://test.net/test/test.js' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "default-src 'self' chrome-extension-resource:". Note that 'script-src' was not explicitly set, so 'default-src'...

Questions about using Futures and Completers

Hey have I read all I can find about futures, but I would like some more advice on proper usage. I am writing an API library, that bridges the gap between HTTP Requests and the app. So I use the future returned by HTTP in most cases, however sometimes the...

Alert dialog from was blocked

Dart doesn't show the alert dialog when I use a webview and show this error: : An alert dialog was blocked. (extensions::webViewEvents:225) : A confirm dialog was blocked. (extensions::webViewEvents:225) Does anyone know how to bypass the problem or how to catch the error? Thanks. Sorry for my bad English. Edit...

How to sort map value?

I have this map: var temp= { 'A' : 3, 'B' : 1, 'C' : 2 }; How to sort the values of the map (descending). I know, I can use temp.values.toList()..sort(). But I want to sort in context of the keys like this: var temp= { 'B' : 1,...

What is the proper way to remove a stream from stdout so that another stream may be added?

I am starting a process in Dart that attaches its stdout stream to stdout so that the results can be printed to the terminal like so: Process.start(executable, ['list','of','args']).then((proc) { stdout.addStream(proc.stdout); stderr.addStream(proc.stderr); return proc.exitCode; }); However, once this completes I would like to start a new process and begin this again...

How to set callback when