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Symbol of setter declaration


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Is it actually possible to write a setter Symbol without calling the Symbol constructor? because the setter Symbol contains an = sign , so #x= does not work


No, as far as I know.

Related issues: http://dartbug.com/13640, http://dartbug.com/10029


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When using dart on the browser (no dart:io) is there a ready to use way, to convert the string returned by req.getAllResponseHeaders(), where req is a HttpRequest, into a dart Map. I was a bit surprised by the fact that there is no ready method here, since all http related...

How can I tell the dartanalyzer what kind of Element the selected object is?

I have the code if(querySelector('#username').value!="") and it is working. But Darteditor warns me, that the getter 'value' is not defined for the class 'Element'. I know, that what the querySelector returns is an InputElement and therefore, my question is only for reasons of beauty and to remove the warnings. How...

How to parse a String of “hh:mm:ss.SSS” into a DateTime

The format of "new DateTime.now()" will print following output: 2015-05-20 07:34:43.018 By having only the time as a String in the correct format ("07:34:43.018"), how do I parse the time to a DateTime object? The usage of the intl package does not support the mentioned format AFAIK....

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