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Can TFS 2013 have email notications to multiple users that watch a work item


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I'm looking to reproduce the Jira watch functionality in TFS 2013. In Jira, you can click a link to watch an item and thereafter you will be notified when anything on that item changes.

I know on TFS you can:

  1. be emailed if anyone changes a bug you are assigned to
  2. manually email a bug to anyone at any time
  3. Create a custom report and pin it to your home page to notify yourself of things (like this maybe?)

I can imagine creating a new field that will accept multiple users and creating a custom email notification to notify everyone in that list if the work item changes. But that seem like a whole lot of work and I'm not sure were to start if that is the way do do this.

What's the easiest way to get functionality like watching a work item? If it's easy and similar to the Jira functionality that is better for me than exactly the same and hard to do.


Sure, you can setup email alerts based on many different criteria, including what you asked for.

You need to go to the Alerts section, and create a new custom alert, and you can put in the ID of whatever work item you want to "watch". By default it includes the clause AuthorizedAs <> [Me] which will make sure it doesn't email you for changes that you make, but you can remove that clause if you'd like.

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