d , Can't define an associative array type: opEquals doesn't exist

Can't define an associative array type: opEquals doesn't exist


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I can't use non-primitive types as keys for associative arrays; attempting to do so will result in the following error on the line where I define the AA:

Error: AA key type MyString does not have 'bool opEquals(ref const MyString) const

I first discovered this when using the type CollisionHandler[Tuple!(TypeInfo, TypeInfo)] where CollisionHandler is an alias for a function pointer type.

However, even the example code from the "Using Structs or Unions as the KeyType" heading under the Associative array documentation page fails with the same error:

import std.string;

struct MyString
    string str;

    size_t toHash() const @safe pure nothrow
        size_t hash;
        foreach (char c; str)
        hash = (hash * 9) + c;
        return hash;
    // opEquals defined here?
    bool opEquals(ref const MyString s) const @safe pure nothrow
        return std.string.cmp(this.str, s.str) == 0;

int[MyString] foo; // errors here

void main() {


Here, MyString.opEquals is defined and should have the proper signature, yet the dmd compiler says that it isn't implemented. The fact that this snippet comes straight from the docs makes me suspect it's a compiler bug, but maybe I'm just missing something?

Running DMD under Linux, but the issue also happens under Windows 7. DMD version:

$ dmd --help
DMD64 D Compiler v2.066.1
Copyright (c) 1999-2014 by Digital Mars written by Walter Bright
Documentation: http://dlang.org/


This is a case of a misleading error message emitted by the compiler.

The problem is with the @safe annotation on the opEquals method. In 2.066.1, std.string.cmp is not @safe - however, the compiler displays the wrong error message. If you rename opEquals to something else, e.g. foo, you'll get a different error message:

test.d(19): Error: safe function 'test.MyString.foo' cannot call system function
'std.algorithm.cmp!("a < b", string, string).cmp'

The workaround is to remove @safe, or replace it with @trusted.

Note that this problem does not manifest in the development version of DMD, so it should be fixed in 2.067.0.


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