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ActiveX TextBox_Change with ListBox_Click then clear TextBox causes recursive behavior


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I have an ActiveX TextBox with TextBox_Click code behind it such that each character I type triggers another sub to execute which then updates a table by updating a named cell that as a formula in it which drives the table. Then I have a ListBox that has ListFillRange linked to that table. The result is each character I type in the TextBox causes the ListBox to update. This is working fine.

The next thing I put in place was ListBox_Click code so that when I click on an item in the ListBox it updates a Label.Caption then sets ListBox.Value="". This is also working fine.

What I would like to now is have the TextBox clear after the Label.Caption is assigned. The problem is the TextBox clear causes the ListBox to update and the Label then gets the wrong value. This seems odd because the command assign the caption occurs before setting the TextBox = "" which resets the ListBox. But it doesnt seem to matter that the caption assignment occurrs first. The ListBox seems still selected so the update of the TextBox updates the ListBox so the Label gets the wrong value.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

This is in the Sheet's module

Private Sub TextBox5_Change()

    Call UpdateValues(TextBox5.Value)

End Sub

This is in a general module

Sub UpdateValues(SearchString As String)
    Range("mySearchString").Value = SearchString
    Range("myStartPosition").Value = Range("myOverwriteProtection").Value
End Sub

This is in the Sheet's module

Private Sub ListBox1_Click()

    ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("Label33").Object.Caption = ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("ListBox1").Object.Value

    ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("ListBox1").Object.Value = ""

    ActiveSheet.OLEObjects("TextBox5").Object.Text = ""

End Sub


There are two options really.

  1. Don't use ListFillRange. Unless you need column headers, there is no need to use this property - you're already using code, so you can repopulate the list in code using code like:

    control_name.List = Sheets("Sheet name").Range("some range").Value

  2. Use a Boolean flag to stop the event. As the first line of each event, use:

    If flag_variable then exit sub

Then whenever you need to do something and don't want to run control events, simply set the variable to True, perform your actions and then set it back to False. (it's a bit like using Application.EnableEvents, which doesn't work for ActiveX control events)


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