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How can I debug scala.js unit tests?


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I have some scala.js unit tests written in utest. They all run just fine from the sbt build, however I would like to be able to step through the unit tests in a debugger. Using my favorite IDE (intellij) to debug the tests won't work because it will try to run them on the JVM. Is there some way to step through the unit test execution similar to how you can step through the (javascript) application code in browsers like chrome?


Currently, the only way to (step-by-step) debug Scala.js code I know of, is inside a browser. The Scala.js sbt plugin does currently not easily allow you to export a JS file you can load in the browser and run.

However, if you really need to, you can do so manually:

import org.scalajs.testinterface.ScalaJSClassLoader
import sbt.testing._

object TestRunner extends js.JSApp {

  // The tests you want to run
  val testNames = Array(

  // The test framework you use. Same as sbt's
  // testFrameworks += new TestFramework("utest.runner.Framework")
  val framework = new utest.runner.Framework

  // Arguments to the test framework
  val args = Array[String]()

  def main(): Unit = {
    val loader = new ScalaJSClassLoader(

    val runner = framework.runner(args, args, loader)

    // The test tasks you want to run
    val taskDefs = for {
      testName <- testNames
    } yield {
      new TaskDef(testName, framework.fingerprints.head, true, Array())


  private def runTasks(tasks: Array[Task]) = {
    tasks.foreach(_.execute(DummyEventHandler, ConsoleLogger, runTasks))

  object ConsoleLogger extends Logger {
    def ansiCodesSupported(): Boolean = false
    def error(msg: String): Unit = println(msg)
    def warn(msg: String): Unit = println(msg)
    def info(msg: String): Unit = println(msg)
    def debug(msg: String): Unit = println(msg)
    def trace(t: Throwable): Unit = t.printStackTrace()

  object DummyEventHandler extends EventHandler {
    def handle(event: Event): Unit = ()

When you call TestRunner.main(), this should run the tests you specified. You can then set breakpoints in your browser and step-by-step debug.

Feel free to report an issue on GitHub, if you need this often and would like it to be better streamlined. Reported as #1709


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